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Who takes any notice of weather forecasts? Well not the four souls who turned out today. Joe and Geraldine arrived to do the announcing but were unable to ride due to commitments. At least they didn’t have to shout to be heard. James, Gordon , Tim(1) and myself thought we’d ‘give it ago’. Deciding on a flat route to Boroughbridge we initially had reasonable weather. We were already ‘waterproofed up’ as the first deluge hit us as we crossed through Farnham and Arkendale. Brief respite and then got hit again. Pausing at the A168 we all agreed to go to Rabbit Hill cafe which was 400 yards away. Having got permission to go indoors we dripped on the floor. We did apologise. Refreshments were quickly served as we recalled ‘gigs’ and groups we’d seen. The rain was still hitting us as we tore up the road to Boroughbridge thanks to the tail wind. Deciding enough was enough we turned for Minskip and Staveley. Knaresborough saw James depart and I dropped off on Forest Moor leaving Tim and Gordon to get back to the show ground. Wind not too bad but we were wet. Despite that an ever cheerful group ride. Thanks all. 26 miles . Colin B

Weather forecast terrible with wind and rain and the away day cancelled, we decided not to lead the short ride and no leaders were on the website for the other rides. As Joe was announcing we turned up to find only 4 more riders. The weather at that point wasn’t too bad so I felt a bit guilty. We took a photo of the 4 who set off and went home whereupon it started to rain- now guiltless!

Geraldine Bynoe