Wednesday Ride

On a particularly grim morning, there were seven up for the Wednesday Ride (Gia, James, Paul, Kevin, Charlie, David and Colette). After a quick discussion a route was decided with the main focus to get to Oliver’s in Ripon for coffee. We had hardly left left the Showground before we lost our first rider as Kevin’s pedal and crank came off! The remaining six carried on as the rain got heavier and it was apparent that some people were more appropriately dressed than others….. Roads around Watergate Lane were covered in mud and our bikes protested with groaning noises due to all the grime. We were rewarded when we got to the deer park as the rain stopped and little blue sky could be glimpsed. We got the usual warm welcome at Oliver’s and heard from Kevin that he had already got his bike fixed. We made our way home via Bishop Monkton with some choosing to tackle the hills of Markington and the rest the Knaresborough hill. Thank you all for a good ride – still enjoyable despite the rain. Colette

Medium Plus Ride

10 riders set out on a day promising some wind and the odd shower. The first of the two groups made their way up to Fellbeck via Brimham as per the route but at this point the “odd shower” had turned to persistent rain & the next few miles traversing Dallowgill Moor were into a strong, cold north wind. Emma left us there in order to get the ride done leaving Vince, T1, T3 & T4 to scuttle down to Tates via Fountains Abbey. And there was the second group of Helen, Michelle, Rachel, Zoë & Janet who wisely decided at Fellbeck that going up Dallowgill on such a day was foolhardy and instead descended on Tates by turning right. The 2nd group suffered a puncture on the way home but otherwise the weather gradually improved as we neared Knaresborough.

Wanderers Ride

They say March comes in like a lion. That was certainly the case today! Nevertheless 8 intrepid Wanderers made it to G&T’s via Clint, Hartwith, Brimham and Sawley. Arriving cold and damp we were greeted by Sally, who’d popped up again! We all enjoyed a warm break with the usual good service. Then we dragged ourselves up and off for the final lap home, having bid farewell to Alan and Steve. The route home was incredibly muddy, so we were bespattered as well as cold when we got to Bolton Cross. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable morning, thanks to the cheerful company. 34 chilly miles. Alison N..