Short Ride

There was only one taker in the crowd for the Short Gentle ride on a chilly, grey Sunday morning, so Paul and Navah got off quickly while the large groups were sorting themselves out. Route 58 has a couple of busy spots, including a short stretch on the A59, but most of it is an easy spin through lovely villages: Goldsborough, Flaxby, Coneythorpe, Arkendale, and Ferrensby. We had a quiet ride along lots of green fields and patches of snowdrops and crocuses, and some early daffodils. With only two riders, there was no waiting for people to regroup, and we got to a not-too-crowded Knaresborough for a stop along the river at the Black Mulberry around 1100. We got caught in the rain (which was really cold!) on our way back to Harrogate along Beryl Burton Way, and parted ways when we hit the Greenway to hurry home by noon. -Navah L.

Medium Ride – Group 1

There was a good turn out both generally and particularly for the Medium Ride today and so there were at least three Medium Groups that set off separately and by different routes out of Harrogate, but we did still manage to merge once or twice on the way. Despite forecasted sunshine we got quite wet on two occasions but  hopefully not enough to put off Alistair who joined us for the first time –  thanks to Julie E for encouraging him. We got our first soaking as we descended into Hampsthwaite and so we did not hang about and headed up to Swarcliffe Hall and Tang in the hope of generating some warmth. At Menwith we varied the route slightly and went along the gated road and through the former listening station to enable us to call at the Fewston Farm Shop for coffee and sustenance as the Tea Room at the Fewston Centre was only tea and biscuits today. The Farm Shop was warm and welcoming and the service very efficient. We were soon followed in by Martins group and after a sunny spell whilst we were inside, it promptly stared to rain again as we set off down passed the reservoir and the long climb up to Little Almscliffe. From there it was almost downhill all the way home with members peeling off all along the way. Just about on the advertised distance at 25/26 miles with good company and particularly nice to meet Alistair who I hope will join us again despite getting wet. Thanks to everyone who turned out.  James G.

Medium Ride – Group 2

A slightly less adventurous group of 4 (or 6 if  you include Joe and Geraldine who really deserved to go a bit faster) decided to do James’ ride backwards…hoping  for a lot of downhill and a wave to James’ group as we passed at the half way stage.   Apart from the cold and rain, a pleasant down hilly ride…but not a glimpse of the  uphill wrong way round group.   We can only assume they did a quick flat ride to Wetherby and chickened out of the ride with the 4 hilliest hills in the near Harrogate area.  All good fun with a beautifully behaved group and the question of the day is….Why is a cup of coffee in the U.K. so much more than everywhere else???. C.G.

Medium Plus – Group 1


Medium Plus – Group 2