Medium Plus Brisk

According to Ronan Keating “life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it” – Ronan obviously wasn’t looking at the flat profile for Route 85 out to Beningbrough ………. and besides which the café there is closed. Instead Helen, Zoë, Gordon, T1, T3 & Graham aimed to partly follow the route & headed out east – more of “life is an undulation, just gotta ride it” & as an alternative kept up the speed on a warm day & then departed from the route to stop at Tancred Farm. Thereafter we headed home-ish and back on the route … ish. All was fine until we turned westerly after Cattal and it became more of a “life is a strong headwind, just gotta fight it” all the way to Spofforth. A few drops of rain but otherwise it stayed dry. 33 miles (but the some of those miles counted as double – you know the feeling).

Wanderers’ Ride

Not a bad morning for mid-March. It saw eleven keen riders turnout for our wander, We broke into two groups and our numbers swelled to twelve at Low Bridge as Mike P was waiting. Bit of a tail wind saw us make good progress to Farnham where waterproofs were removed and the temperature started to rise. We agreed to meet at Tates in Ripon. Group one led by Mike W went down to Staveley and Copgrove following the diversion signs while my group ignored the diversions and went via Occaney. A lone rider (Mike W) was seen passing the end of the road as we turned towards Burton Leonard. We assumed Mike was back marking his group. Into Bishop Monkton Littlethorpe and into Ripon. On arriving at Tates Mike was on his own !!? We just got seated when the remainder of his group arrived. Didn’t get to the bottom as to why he was so far ahead. Margaret headed home due to grandparent commitments. Excellent service and food. Intelligent conversation as always along with the laughs. As we departed a little drizzle but the head wind was noticeable. Up through the Deer Park and the climb up How Hill  and Hebden Bank. The wind was being felt. We decided to give Shaw Mills and Hampswaite a miss. So into Ripley. Quick wave to the Wednesday ride. Up the Greenway and home. Good ride. Good company. Thanks all. 33 miles for me. Colin B

Short Ride

There were only three of us, including new lad Chris, signed up for the short ride but nevertheless a WE record is being claimed.

I’ve been leading rides for years and have “lost” many riders (never my fault, obvs), but this takes the biscuit. I managed to lose someone before leaving the showground!

I stooped to pick up a rear light which somebody had lost, thus rendering myself invisible and Chris, thinking we’d left, shot off to catch up with the Medium Plus.  He was eventually reined in and we continued to Low Bridge where Dennis was waiting – his first outing this year.

On to Farnham and Bishop Monkton  to the stop at Harrogate Garden Centre (coffee and cake £4.25), where we joined Caroline and Jane, who then accompanied us part way back via Ripley and the Greenway. 

24 miles with fairly decent weather apart from the last bit with a sou’westerly in our faces. Paul B

Wednesday Ride

Seven riders opted for James’s route to Ripley, Birstwith, Toll Bridge, Brimham, Smelthouses and coffee at Birchfield Farm. Kevin, James and myself were on e-bikes and Tim, Yvonne,  Colette and Monica did really well battling against the headwind with only leg power. The wind certainly seemed stronger going up Stripe Lane! Apart from the wind it was a good day for cycling with particularly good views on route. The main conversation of the day was James’s excellent new petrol blue Riese and Müller Charger 4 e-bike. It certainly came into its own going up the many hills and James looked so comfortable on it. Kevin did mention he couldn’t wait till he is 80 so he could get a new bike as well!  Birchfield Farm cafe is a good stop for refreshments apart from the track down to it. Thank you everyone for an enjoyable 29 mile ride. Paul