Short Ride

Just 2 at Rollout for the Short and Gentle, but I think all the rides were thin today. Undaunted, Paul and I set off to Low Bridge and some cheery greetings with EGs, where we were joined by Dennis, who intercepted us nicely. Thank goodness we stayed on route! Out along Abbey Road, Chain and Halfpenny Lanes we cleared the busier roads to enjoy a trip to Farnham via Scriven and Lingerfield. At Farnham top, I introduced Paul to the Occaney Freewheel Challenge but failed to get anywhere near the crest despite new wheels by Woodrup. Along with EGs in Meander mode, we took a loop into Burton Leonard for a change where we paused to say cheerio to Dennis who headed for Wormald Green, Markington and home. Well done once more D. HG Garden Centre on A61 was our coffee stop, where we chose to sit under cover but not “inside”. Catering is provided from a chuck wagon or Food Van, but the menu is still more than adequate – bacon or sausage butties are cheerfully delivered by the team. There is due to be a replacement restaurant next year provided funding from the chain (British Garden Centres) allows. Overall, we were impressed and it’s now on my list of stops. Markington’s climbs followed coffee to take us to Drovers, Ripley and the Greenway. Pausing at the Millennium Milepost, we said our farewells, with Paul heading home to enjoy the rest of his birthday. Thank you Paul for an enjoyable morning. Post ride refreshments for me involved two cafes that WE members might like to visit. First, Miller’s in Starbeck is under new ownership, trading as Susie June’s and offering some nice food at very reasonable price. Second, Yorkshire Cancer Research have opened a new Shop, Wellness Centre and Café  on Hornbeam Square, Again, well worth a visit. Terry S

Wednesday Ride

I joined the ‘Wednesday Ride’ group of seven riders at Ripley.  There was a good mixture of e-bikes and non e-bikes.  I like John’s approach as he looks at the route, weather conditions and how he feels before deciding whether he comes on an e-bike or a non e-bike. The route was Birstwith, Stripe Lane and Brimham, which is quite hilly but in good Wheel Easy tradition everyone waited after a hill until I caught up with the group. After Brimham we headed to Sawley, unfortunately Sawley Moor Lane was covered in mud all the way down. I couldn’t believe how dirty my bike was! Needless to say I cleaned it as soon as I got home. After Sawley we headed through Studley Royal Park to Oliver’s Pantry in Ripon. As always they were very efficient and friendly even though they were busy. The route home took us through Littlethorpe, Bishop Monkton, Knaresborough. Thanks James, Kevin, Gia, Colette, Charlie, Mark and John for good company and an excellent 38 mile ride. PT

Wanderers’ Ride (Route 225) Group 1

As there were so many Wanderers I volunteered to lead the slightly faster group (9 of us – Richard, Steve, Mike, Mike, Lesley, Margaret, Mike, Derek) who turned out to be very demanding.  Not only did they want to know exactly which route we were taking they also wanted me to write some words about them. So here goes. I was Navigating by my Garmin so was unable to provide the route information.  Luckily, some of the riders knew the route like the back of their hands as they had ridden it so many times.

All went well until we reached Wetherby where part of the group went straight on at the roundabout and I led the rest of the group left following the downloaded ride.  We eventually regrouped and made our way to Tim’s Café at Thorp Arch following the ‘official’ route.  Although many alternatives were suggested. Fully refreshed we set off back via North Deighton, Kirk Deighton and Little Ribston (A deviation on the official route). At Little Ribston Mike and Derek went to Knaresborough missing out on the photo – which I had forgotten to take earlier. Despite the forecast of rain the day remained dry.  Thanks to everyone for a great days cycling and banter.

A great ride (36.7 miles at an average speed of 12.83 mph). Gordon T

Wanderers’ Ride

We were the last group of Wanderers and had a very relaxed ride out beyond Thorp Arch and back, returning to Thorp Arch where we had lunch. Many thanks to everyone for your company and in particular to Mike W and Colin for your support. Liz