Medium Steady – Group 1

Firstly a big thank you to Steve Bungay who swapped with me so that I could do the medium. I could not have done the Medium plus.  A great day for cycling – maybe a bit cold but plenty of sun. There were about 16 of us at the start so we split into 2 groups. Mike Wills led the other group.

We sort of cycled route 20. As you would expect, we didn’t completely follow the prescribed route. We headed for Wetherby via the Spofforth cycle path. It was in fairly good condition but it won’t take many leaves and some rain to make it a sticky mess. Then on to Walton via the Thorp Arch path. We deviated through Walton at Brian’s suggestion – good move. Then up Rudgate to Whixley where Kevin left us for a comfort stop, never to be seen again. I hope he’s not locked in! 5 went to Tancred for lunch with 3 of us going back to my house. They seem to have speeded things up at Tancred and we were on our way after only 45 minutes. We headed back to Harrogate through Thorpe Underwood and Arkendale where we had a board meeting and decided not to go to Staveley as the route demanded. Then on to Ferrensby, Sandy Lane and up to Knaresborough where we all went our separate ways. 4 of us went up the Beryl Burton path which is in need of some TLC from the Sustrans Rangers. Total 35.4 miles with an ascent of 85 metres. Thanks to everyone for a great day out. Steve W


Medium Steady – Group 2

A cold sunny morning greeted us and 18 riders were up for Steve’s ride. Mike W agreed to lead our group of eight made up of Margaret , Liz F , Sally, Debbie,Corinne, Alison, Mike and myself. Swift progress was made to Follifoot and Spofforth as we started to warm up. Up the busy Harland Way all the way to Thorp Arch. Too early for lunch so through Walton on to Rudgate up to Cattal Whixley and Tancred for lunch. We had already passed Steve’s group but the brisk riders were already seated. Building work still ongoing on their large extension. Due to open in the new year. Steve’s group arrived and we all managed to get a seat. Suitably refreshed we headed of to Thorp Underwood and Great Ouseburn where photo was taken outside the church before the bridge. Through the Dunsforths to Aldborough then across to Marton, Arkendale Staveley and Knaresborough. Some going home via Beryl Burton Way others up the hill where we said our goodbyes. Thanks Steve for the route. Thanks Mike W for leading our group and thanks to my co-riders. Great ride. 46 miles for me. Colin B

 Medium Brisk

There were only 3 takers for the brisk ride today (Tim, Andy and Gordon).  Andy set the pace out of the show ground and Tim cranked up the speed when we reached Follifoot.  Andy managed to get stung on the head by a wasp that got inside his helmet.  I’m not sure who suggested it but Andy declined the offer of urinating on his head to neutralise the wasp sting.  Something about only working for jelly fish stings.  A fast ride to Tancred Farm Shop for lunch which was full of cyclists – they get everywhere!

After a hearty lunch – well I had one – we were off again.  This time a little slower.  By the time we got to the top of Knaresborough hill we all had sore legs. Although, tonight I have a lot more areas that ache.  Thanks to Tim for leading the ride and setting the pace.  A great ride (36.5 miles at an average speed of 14.05 mph, 131 front gear shifts, 403 rear gear shifts,  1234 calories or 1 sausage sandwich).  Gordon T

Medium Plus Steady

What a beautiful morning for a bike ride, sunny and crisp with just a slight breeze. Only three of us for the medium plus steady, Peter, John and myself. Good progress up to little Almscliffe and on to Timble. We expected a detour after Blubberhouses but after enquiring about closures with the highway workers we were able to follow the route as published. I had a close encounter on the road above Thruscross, I could hear a vehicle approaching very quickly from behind and didn’t appear to be slowing down,I moved as far left as possible giving him room to pass. I think he didn’t see me until very late and he ended up in the ditch on the right side of the road, luckily nobody was hurt but my heart rate went up a few beats! Onward to Pateley down Peat lane always a bit sketchy near the bottom. Lunch at Wildings, not the cheapest but very good fare. Wath lane is always a struggle straight after lunch but I eventually got up there to regroup with the E-bikers! After Fellbeck some welcome down hill past Brimham and down Stripe Lane and back to Hampsthwaite where we split up to make our various ways home. Forty nine miles and 4500 feet for me, many thanks to Peter and John for the great company and waiting for me at the top of each climb! Steve B.

 Medium Plus

Eight riders set off on a revised route choice to How Stean Gorge. As it was such a gorgeous day, why wouldn’t you? As you can see from the photo Dallowgill moor was glorious. Helen peeled off at Fountain’s Abbey as she had a date with a ‘slow cooked’ lunch. Tall Tim decided to have a look at Scar House reservoir and the rest of us headed for coffee. Hollybank woods and the Greenway were packed with people doing the same as us- enjoying the wonderful weather. Long may it last. 53 miles Janet G