Short Ride

11 merry cyclists (Richard, Bob, Dennis, David from Leeds, Terry from Leeds, Dave, Karen, another Karen, Barbara & Australia Dave, visiting his sister, yours truly) set off in sunshine, shorts & sun cream taking a sedate pace through Harrogate while enjoying the sunshine. Onwards past Beckwithshaw & up to little Almscliffe with a brief pause for a group photo stop with looming grey clouds above. Just in time before the rain struck & out came jackets, scarves, gloves & blankets – OK, slight exaggeration, but the temperature did drop! Dennis left us just before Penny Pot lane where the rest of us headed off left to a well signposted Fewston Farm shop café. When we arrived the signpost on the gate indicated that it was open, but it was in fact shut. Dismay & coffee withdrawal symptoms started to be heard. Terry managed to find the phone number & got through, only to be told that had we looked on Facebook we would have known that the shop & café is shut & re opens on 24th May.  Ride leader, take head (note to self), don’t believe signs saying coffee watering holes are open, phone ahead. Discussion & plans Bs & Cs & Ds were offered, we decided to go with Richard’s idea & continue on the route & try the Four Lane Ends Farm shop at the end of Burley Bank Lane. The heavens dumped a several clouds worth of rain on us as we turned off Penny pot Lane, so I was really hoping that plan B would be open. Oh bliss, not only was it open but we were met with a very kind welcome by the owner, who took pity on some very wet cyclists & even lit the log burner for us. Lovely coffee & cakes & food, well worth the stop. After our coffee stop, Karen & Bob & Australia Dave, headed off in different ways, leaving 7 of us to head back to Harrogate with a slight change to the planned route, taking us along West Lane, to meet up with Hollins Lane coming up out of Hampsthwaite & back to Harrogate via Knox & the Greenway. Thank you all for your cheerful company. Diane


Wednesday Wanderers Ride

We met today, lost and leaderless.  With nothing and no-one on the calendar, we decided to head east because the weather promised to be drier.  Tangling and untangling from James’ group, we made our way to Kirkby Overblow.  There we could see heavy rain to our right and glorious sunshine to the left.  We went left.  To Linton, up Jewitt Lane, Bramham, Clifford, through the new houses to the ‘new’ bridge and on to Tim’s cafe at Thorpe Arch.  Luncheon served  MC.


Wednesday Ride

Nine of us left the Showground to day racing the clouds and the predicted thunderstorms which never developed. We divided by natural selection into  a speedy group with Yvonne, Tim (2), Mark and John C and a more sedate group comprising Gia, Paul, John R, Kevin and myself. Heading through Burn Bridge and Kirby Overblow we mingled a bit with the Wanderers and had several encounters with Caroline out for a jaunt with a friend. Jewitt Lane was just as hard, but encouraged by a little one struggling up it on a balance bike we made the top and onto Bramham where John R departed and the rest headed for Stutton and the Roast Cafe.The sedate group were not that far behind the faster ones, but enough to allow a bit space for ordering food and drink. The usual very warm welcome and efficient service were on display and sitting outside in the sun was the icing on the cake. Eventually we made a move and headed into Tadcaster, taking the Boston Spa road and picking up the cycle path at Newton Kyme (see group photo), from where we made it to Wetherby on car free paths. By now we had lost the fast group but the rest were persuaded to take the Harland Way to Spofforth “because it will be dry” only to find it wasn’t and that another cleaning session loomed when we got home! Distances varied according to start and finish points but I record 42 miles and a few undulations which according to Yvonne amounted to 2215 ft of ascent. Thanks to Yvonne for the great photos. Great company as always and good weather all the way, despite the threatened thunder storms.    James G