Medium Plus Steady Ride

Having received an email from Tim L saying he had suffered an injury to his foot, it was up to yours truly to lead the Medium Plus Steady. Eight of us left the Showground and meandered through Harrogate to reach Hampsthwaite. After negotiating two right turns on the A59 and more meandering through Kettlesing and Coby Syke we arrived at Meagill Lane. The route was now more straight forward dropping down to Padside and reaching Pateley Bridge via Yorke’s Folly. The climb up Silver Hill lived up to its reputation as one of the steepest climbs, but we all managed to ride up the top of the hill, with a lot of huffing and puffing. Now it was on to Ripon via Laverton and Galphay. The route was then the usual Deer Park, Fountains, but with Harrogate in sight we swung off to go to Markington, Bishop Monkton and Knaresborough. Despite having some chain problems and a puncture, the weather was kind to us and it was good day’s riding. PCJ



Short Ride

We started the short ride with 6 of us, picking up a 7th  in Justine after Oatlands traffic lights, a steady pace towards Burn Bridge, the Marshall on Yew tree lane was not for us but for tired triathletes coming the other way, safely across the main road and onto the quieter road to climb up to Kirby Overblow, Sue leaves us here, and the 6 of us continue along the quiet country lanes through Sicklinghall and onto Wetherby, Dennis peels off here to head home for Sunday lunch, the remaining 5 head into Wetherby through the busy market day for our coffee stop at the Gourmet, made better by getting a table outside in the sunshine. After drinks and tea cakes, we head off through Wetherby towards Kirk Deighton, as we pass through it seems everybody in the area knows David as he passes with us, we continue onto North Deighton where I’m reminded we are not turning left to Spofforth but continuing along the quiet road to Little Ribston before we turn for a safer ride into Spofforth. We wind our way along the lanes up into Follifoot before a water stop then our last little climb out of the village and up towards Rudding lane, to a lovely long descent  along the back of Rudding Park, Mike, Jill and David hanging back while Justine and I make the lights change before our final climb towards Gia’s way and the showground, where we say our farewell’s after a very pleasant social Sunday ride in lovely weather at a very comfortable pace!   Rachel

















Medium Ride

There were 11 takers for the Medium Ride on Sunday, 14 May, 2023, so we split into two groups: a Medium Brisk(ish) with five riders, and a Medium Steady(ish) with six. Mike, Colin, Kevin, Gordon, Mike, and Navah (or Five Men and the American) headed out trailing the faster group for a trial run, temporarily reconvening in Burn Bridge to confirm that the groups were as desired. Navah pushed the pace a bit for a steady ride after checking that all were game, with Colin masterfully sweeping. The beautiful sunshine and wonderful temperatures made for a lovely spring jaunt through the countryside. The Five Men prevented one near missed turn by the American, but otherwise all went smoothly. The slower group caught up with the faster group at the foot of the Collingham climb, and then passed them sitting outside Elsie’s in Tadcaster after deciding to push on to Tim’s in Thorp Arch for their own cafe stop, where one of the men and the American snagged the last two scones and forced two others in the party to get flapjacks instead. Approaching Wetherby, four men and the American decided on a detour to take the off-road track to Spofforth, taking advantage of the dry conditions, while one member of the group went on to Knaresborough. Some confusion about the American’s use of the term “bonking” in Follifoot, and then the last stretch back to the showground, arriving only 10-15 minutes later than the faster group.-

Navah L.