Most of you will know that Liz Frederikson had a serious accident near the White Horse while on an away day in November. It involved a head injury and several breaks. She was taken to James Cook hospital where she stayed for 4 weeks and a day.

I’m sure we’re all delighted she’s home now. She came home last Thursday.

The Wheel Easy Committee very kindly gave me a budget to buy flowers for Liz and I was very pleased to deliver them on behalf of the club on Tuesday and spend some time with her.

Liz asked me to say “thank you” to everyone and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from her soon.

She’s the same amusing and entertaining Liz but she does have a long way to go before she will be able to join us cycling again.

At the moment she can only manage about one visit a day but she likes to have phone calls, emails and WhatsApps.

Steve Wright


Liz writes …..

Hello all at WE

I would like to give all WE members my heartfelt appreciation and thanks for the beautiful flowers, lovely cards, phone calls, WhatsApp and text messages aiding my recovery. Many thanks to Steve who has been a strong support and liaised with WE with updates on my progress. Also, a special thanks, Alison, Liz, Margaret and Bridget for making me feel part of the world again and giving me confidence that one day I will return to WE.

After an eventful few weeks, I am now on the long road to recovery, it will be a long road to cycle (imaginary) until I am fully recovered and fit. Like all cyclists we need a strong support team and Peter has been a true hero and puts up with my present antics and says he has done that for 25 years so no change there.

I have no memory of that eventful day and can only thank those people. John, the unknown lady and paramedics, my cycling buddies who came to my aid and helped to administer first aid. My broken wrist is plated, my broken left face has mended and not spoilt my good looks. My eyes still misfocus but a brilliant eye Ophthalmologist at James Cook is confident that with hard work from me they will focus and mend without the need to operate. I must keep my glasses on, and he has fitted a prism to stop my left eye shutting or winking at everyone. I did not knock any sense into myself, but the brain has recovered, therefore I will promise to be very careful in the future when I return to cycling with my WE buddies. I possibly won’t be fully recovered till late spring, early summer before I can re-join the WE cycle rides.

The words of encouragement and support from WE members has aided my recovery and helped me gain confidence, this has definitely helped with my mental recovery and given me confidence to work hard to mend myself and then hopefully get back to cycling.

A very big thank you to everyone for supporting me, giving courage and fortitude to get better and face the future and to aim to cycle with you all at WE once again.

I wish all WE members and their families a very Happy Christmas and New Year Liz F. xx