Wanderers Ride

Nine Wanderers set off down the Showground Hill on route to Whixley and beyond. We met Alison and Margaret at Low Bridge and followed the familiar course via Farnham, Arkendale and Ouseburn where we stopped at the church beyond the village for our smiley photo shoot. Although this was the shortest day of the year, the December conditions were excellent for our fairly brisk ride and once beyond Knaresborough the roads were pleasantly quiet.

Steve left us before Coffee. Being a Whixley resident he figured he would get his coffee quicker at home that waiting for the busy Tankred Farm staff to meet his needs. He was right. Anyway the bacon butties were worth waiting for and they sustained us well for the return leg into an increasingly stiff headwind.

Peter left us after Walshford, and Colin and I said farewell at Ribston to branch off to Knaresborough. Margaret volunteered to ensure the remainder of the group arrived safely back at the show ground.

A thoroughly enjoyable pre-Christmas ride in great company. Mike P



Medium-plus Brisk Ride

Who put Route 49 on the ride calendar for this time of year? Either it was the act of a lunatic or, in this case, the work of a genius as the sky was a deep blue, the views were glorious & the roads were relatively clear. We fiddled our way up to near Fellbeck by a very strange route and then dived down via Smelthouses & Glasshouses to Pateley Bridge. The wind up the Nidd valley was a bit tricky in places but Wildings was open & the service was 1st class. And then off up to Nought Bank Moor where the talk was of beer on the way home. The Joiners Arms at Hampsthwaite was closed so on to The Knox Arms only to find that was closed as well. 3rd time lucky at The Cold Bath Brewery. 45 miles. Tall Tim.