Short Ride

Four of us for the short ride at the Showground today, including Kevin Douglas and Paul, who is a relatively infrequent rider with us. He was on his second-hand carbon Canyon road bike, which weighed around 7kg (not a misprint), or maybe a few grammes more with his non-standard saddle. Kevin, Geraldine and I were on electric bikes, but Paul had no difficulty in keeping up or indeed, setting the pace. The weather was clement, with rain forecast for the afternoon, but not too much wind. We set off for Burn Bridge and up Walton Head Lane, and there was remarkably little motor traffic, but quite a few bikes around.

In Kirby Overblow Paul Blackham was waiting for us, and we proceeded towards Sicklinghall, with lots of other cyclist overtaking us and coming the other way. We turned right towards Wood Hall and then left across the concrete railway sleepers, past the Carmelite convent, past the hotel and on to Linton and Wetherby. Coffee at one of the cafés in the Shambles. Pleasant conversation and then back to Harrogate via Kirk Deighton, Spofforth and Follifoot. Brief discussion in Spofforth about the new houses being built on land which most of us have seen under two feet of water in the last 5 years. The two Pauls left us before Rudding Lane, and Kevin did so at the top of the Showground hill. About 25 miles. Joe S


Short Awayday

A record short awayday turnout today!  Eight riders, Diane, Chris, Chris, Sue, Justine, Steve, Fiona and Mike set off from Ripon, bound for Masham via Grewelthorpe.  Masham, a new destination for many, was full of bikers (both sorts) but we found a sunny spot for coffee at the Kings Head, before returning to Ripon via Wath.  Around 25 miles.  However, despite being a short awayday, some rode one or both ways from/to Harrogate, riding around 50 miles!  A very enjoyable day out.  Mike W


Medium Steady Ride

A great day for chasing the clouds over scenic Nidderdale !  We split into two groups : Yvonne, Tim2, Sarah D, Navah, Andy, Anna, Gordon, David & Helen did a great job of climbing a series of hills over a relatively short distance, taking in busy Ripley, swooping down to Birstwith, up again to admire Darley in bloom (where I’m pretty sure every villager is an ace gardener !) and down and up to Dacre. We turned left and kept pedalling steadily up past Padside to the Stone House Inn crossroads.

Swift descent down to Mackenzies for a lovely convivial pause-café à la terrasse, where we could keep a weather eye on the brooding clouds.  We had just ordered when the next group, James, Gia, Debbie & Margaret swooped in to join us – where James noticed the Red Admiral on a parked motorcycle tank.  Super service with fresh scones & teacakes and proper pots of tea set us up for Little Almscliffe and home before any chance of rain ! Approx 2,530 ft over 35 miles.  Yvonne D.


Medium-plus Ride
That made a nice change, a day of sunshine and light breezes with not a sniff of rain. We were a group of approximately ten at any one point, mainly comprising Peter B, Maris, Monica, Alison, Dave, Peter J, Richard L, John C, Liz F and me.  Despite some protestations about being unfit/injured/ill, or all three, good progress was made all the way to Sawley with plenty of hills to counter the slightly cool conditions.  The high point of the day was Greygarth Monument and the delight of the long descent to Laverton, admiring the spectacular purple of the heather.  Hope all the bees are busy, making me some heather honey – a particular favourite.
Shortly after this point, and without a word being spoken, there commenced an unseemly dash to Tate’s Garden Centre, Ripon.  Messrs Peter J, Richard L, Dave and John C won the race – we must have given them a head start without realising it! Anyway, we had an excellent lunch and the fast boys set off first for the final leg home with us girls in very leisurely pursuit.  Not sure why the BBC keep promising all that sturm und drang – sun never stopped shining.
Hope this is the start of a resurgence of summer and thanks to everyone for being so cheerful and patient.  Easiest group to lead, ever.  My Garmin recorded 43 miles. Helen T