Short Ride 1

Paul, Debby and Gia chased after Martin and Yvonne but gave up at Burton Leonard as the wind and rain came down. We had told Colin we were going to Bishop Monkton. Our route then changed again and we abandoned a coffee stop which is unheard of and sped home via Wormald Green, Markington and Ripley. 26 miles so a good run out and coffee at home is always good, Gia.

Short Ride 2

Despite the very poor forecast at good number of WE turned up this morning hoping to beat the weather. There were five on my short ride Sarah, Alison, Liz P, Paul(postman) and myself heading for Boroughbridge. Grey start but ok. With probably a bit of a tail wind we quickly got to Knaresborough, Farnham and on to Staveley, Minskip and Boroughbridge. Alison departed for home due to other commitments. Plenty of room in Plenty. Orders were taken and refreshments arrived. Whilst I was boring them with my local history knowledge(I use the term with caution) Paul hadn’t heard of the Devils Arrows. Hence on departure the photo shot and a further history lesson(??!!). Through Roecliffe to the bridle path to Copgrove (perfectly passable) and on to Farnham. Sarah and Paul departed for Beryl Burton Way. Liz P beat me to the top of Knaresborough Hill (comfortably). Goodbye at Forest Lane Head. We beat the rain and wind. Thanks for your company. 25 miles for me. Colin B

Medium Steady Ride

Just 5 of us turned up on this very windy Sunday with threats of heavy rain later, the group consisted of myself, Tim, Dianne and 2 x Mike W’s!  We headed out through Burn bridge up to Kirby O and through Sicklinghall to Linton, where we passed Mike’s previous home and took Mike’s route over the little bridge through the back of Collingham. We climbed up Jewitt  Lane and quickly through Bramham, Clifford, Boston Spa before getting to the coffee  stop at Thorpe arch.  Lots of subjects covered and fully re-fuelled we set off but  stopped within a few yards by my  punctured front tyre a fast joint group effort (not sure I had much input )got us back on the road towards Walton and Wetherby. Imminent rain made us cut a section out and Dianne left us at Wetherby, with the remaining 4 of us putting our heads down to beat the rain, all was fine until we turned into a massive head wind from little Ribston to Spofforth hard work !! on through Spofforth then Follifoot where one Mike W and Tim headed for home and myself and Mike headed home. An enjoyable ride of 33.8 miles on the Garmin and a 1982ft climbed Thank you for your company. Rachel Winterhalder

 Medium Plus Ride – Steady

Confucius said that a wise person and their bicycle are soon parted, or something like that. Lacking wisdom, but compensating with hubris to tilt at windhills (not to mention rainhills), Tall Tim, Clive, Navah and Mark started off on route 285 R in sunny, reasonably warm weather. So warm, in fact, that Navah and Clive soon stopped to remove layers. Despite the warmth, we passed a few patches of reasonably non-threatening ice. Fairly early on in the ride, the weather turned intermittently but permanently rainy and gusty. For a while, the sun braved the conditions, and produced a lovely rainbow over the Stainburn hills, but it wasn’t long before the sun abandoned the terrain to us fools. When we reached Lower Norwood Road, Navah and Clive turned towards home, and avoided some of the toughest hills on the whole ride at the cost of adding an only slightly less daunting one before relaxing into the relatively sedate meander home via Norwood Lane, Beckwithshaw and Otley Road. Tall Tim wheedled Mark into changing the cafe stop to Fewston Farm Shop instead of Mackenzie’s. So, after passing through Timble, they deviated from the route to return towards Fewston and the Farm Shop. Having consumed an enormous Bakewell Tart (Mark) and bacon and eggs for Tim at the shop, they struck for home via the fastest possible route, Penny Pot Lane. They encountered a bit of rain and fairly significant gusts which by that point were mostly coming from behind us and helpful, but occasionally startling nevertheless. Mark M