Short Ride

There was a good take-up for the Short Ride today which was probably due in no small part to the weather forecast, rather than the personality of the Leader and so there were seven of us who set off for Wetherby. An uneventful start through Burn Bridge and across the busy Leeds road brought us to Kirby Overblow where David left us to ensure a prompt return home for a prior commitment.

The views across the Wharfe valley were particularly good today in the clear air and a photo opportunity was taken, courtesy of Martin, on the ridge towards Sicklinghall (See attached). Dennis left us to return up the Harland Way from the old railway station and although we were relatively early into Wetherby the cafe’s were already busy, particularly the outside seating and so Martin who also had time constraints left us to return home as well. The remaining four, Diane, Brian, Paul and myself  managed eventually to find a table in the Shambles and assembled four chairs for a very pleasant, but slightly breezy coffee and chat stop.

The return was the usual route through Kirk Deighton, Little Ribston and Spofforth, where Brian enlightened us, outside the church, that this was the burial place of Blind Jack Metcalfe which just shows that Wheel Easy rides are not only enjoyable, but also educational! After Follifoot and Rudding it suited everyone to peel off at Fodders and whilst the others headed for Bilton I retuned to Knaresborough  Approx 22 miles recorded in good company and thanks to everyone who came. James G


Short Awayday

There were four riders, Paul, Elaine, Fiona and Mike, for the short awayday today, starting from the Old Station car park on Linton Road in Wetherby.  The route took us on the cycle way parallel to the motorway down to Bramham, then via Clifford onto Boston Spa.  We were disappointed to find the Stew and Oyster cafe, with additional outdoor tables, was now a cocktail bar, so whilst the coffee was ok, the scones were absent!

Our circuit continued via Cattal and Walshford back towards the start, but with riders heading home in various directions – 20 miles are not enough!  An enjoyable and leisurely ride with good company.  Mike W


Medium Group 1

It was a perfect day for cycling.  The heat had simmered down, the wind had simmered down and everyone seemed on good form.  There were predictably large numbers for the medium ride so, on Vince’s command, three volunteers immediately stepped forward and we took Margaret, Joe & Geraldine, Liz P, David S and Liz F.  Liz F and I were the only ones not connected to the National Grid so we had to keep our little legs pedalling furiously all day to keep up.

It is always a delight to ride up to Brimham with fabulous 360 degree views and even more delightful to continue ever upwards on to Dallowgill Moor where the heather was still out and we bowled along, inhaling the subtle fragrance of the flowers.  We paused for a photograph and a bit of morale boosting from Jo who declared it was now “downhill all the way”.  We knew he was lying because we were all familiar with the terrain and “that hill” before G&T’s was definitely still there!  We enjoyed the usual efficient service and nice grub, sitting outside the cafe and met up with the other two groups who arrived conveniently at five minute intervals so no queues built up.

Again, it was largely “downhill all the way” through Sawley and Markington, give or take a hill or two before the leisurely stroll back along the Greenway from Ripley.

Everyone had enjoyed the day and it was a lovely group to lead, in that they did not need leading at all.  Everyone knew the route and where they were and what they wanted for lunch, so not much to do really.  The final mileage count was 37.  Helen & Keith T


Medium Group 2

Brilliant turnout for all the rides today and especially the ride to Dallowgill Moor. A perfect day, splendid views, great company. Our group of eight wandered throughout the day, met up with the other groups at G and T’s.

At the Drovers we did our final split for a return via the Greenway or Shaw Mills, Clint and Rowden Lane. 42 miles in lovely sunshine. Gia M


Medium Group 3


Medium Plus Brisk Group

Only three riders for the route out to Beningbrough today – T1, Vince & David. Off they went only for T3 to latch onto them in Knaresborough who got himself puzzled at the Showground [it might help if he turned up on time – Ed].

A lovely sunny day it was; a quick samba around Beningbrough Hall before turning into York for a C.A.T. stop (Cake and Tea) at a rather empty Cycle Heaven. The café there seems to be under new ownership. Our return was delayed by T1’s interest in the tandems on sale plus a cargo bike that offered him the opportunity to cycle with his dog on the front. Back and past a very parched village pond at Askham Richard that was looking very low before the long miles into the wind as we came west. 57 miles. Tall Tim