On Monday 22ng August, WheelEasy joint chair Vince Grealy posted the following report on the WheelEasy Facebook page, we have reproduced it here for members who prefer not to use Facebook.

There is a house with an uncontrolled dog near Fountains that has nearly caused an accident for more than one club group recently. The owner has been approached but we remain concerned that no action will be taken. It is the last house on the left with white gates descending Hebden Bank Road to Fountains – see image above. Please take care and if you encounter the loose dog please report it via the info@ address so we can take further action.

Ian Hallett added a link to a recent and very useful item on the Cycling UK website: What to do if you are involved in a cycling collision with an animal

WheelEasy committee member Gia Margolis spoke to the owner of the dog who: “acknowledged that the dog got excited when it saw cyclists coming down the road. They are not in the habit of closing their gate at end of drive. Another member went back to speak to the owner later that evening and whilst apologetic were not obviously going to change their behaviour of keeping the dog and road users safe.”

Remember, if you encounter the loose dog please report it, or indeed any other similar issues, using the Wheel Easy Emails General button on the right of the screen.