Short Ride

Nine of us for the short ride on this pleasant sunny day. Not everyone was planning to watch the footy live (perhaps as well as it turned out). Three hardy members on non-electric bikes. David Stross had a major-ish problem with his brakes at Hornbeam Park, and despite Martin Weeks’s assistance, wisely decided to go home. However we picked up Justine on Leadhall Lane, and so were back to nine. The plan was to ride Route 36, I think, west towards and then through Stainburn Forest and then the gated road towards Lindley and Leathley.

Discipline and order were up to the usual standard, with Geraldine, the back marker, way ahead of the leader when Martin and Jill pointed out that we should have turned right. At this stage I happily handed over leadership to Martin, who, unlike me, knew what he was doing and where we should be going. Quite a bit of descending to Leathley and then quite a bit of climbing brought us to North Rigton, where we stopped for coffee at the Square and Compass. I had not been there for coffee before, but they were very welcoming and we had excellent service, including free iced water and Smarties. We returned via Brackenthwaite Lane and Burn Bridge.

About 22 hilly miles. Joe S


Medium Steady Ride

Beautiful August morning greeted us but the number of riders taking up the ride was a bit fluid. We started with eight and finished with eight gaining and losing as we went.

Leaving the showground and hitting the Greenway we made brisk progress to Ripley. Up Scarah Bank  and onto Markington. By this time Mike Walsh and Gordon had joined us from the brisker group and the plus group. James peeled off at Bishop Monkton as we carried on to Littlethorpe and Copt Hewick. Marton-le-Moor Kirby Hill and refreshments in Boroughbridge. Plenty was the watering hole . Ordering and paying a little disorganised. That said food arrived and meet its needs. Lovely sat outside at the back in the sun.

However we couldn’t sit there forever. Minskip and Stavely beckoned. I picked up a puncture. Peter remained with me as aid and support. Margaret was told to push on and tell the front riders to crack on. Steve W who had decided to skip Plenty caught us up but turned out he’d called in on some friends in Minskip. He left us at Sandy Bank. Peter and I parted in Knaresborough. Great ride great company. Thank you. 38 miles for me home to home. Colin B.

Medium Plus Steady

 Route 292 is a strange animal, as it uses one of the “Challenge Ride” routes and sticks on a bit to get to and from the Showground. The first change to be implemented was to leave the Showground via Oatlands Drive and Queen’s Parade. Everything was running according to plan, but we kept coming across the Medium Ride who seemed to be on the same route. On the outskirts of Ripon it became obvious that Boroughbridge was going to be a very crowded cafe stop. So, after consulting the group it was decide to go to Tate’s instead. After having had our refreshments outside in the sun it was time to return to Harrogate. We followed the prescribed route to Arkendale, here we departed from the route by heading for Lingerfield/Scriven and coming back into Harrogate up Knaresborough hill. This was a wise move as Waterside, and I imagine Abbey Road, was chock-a-block with people. PCJ