Short Ride

In true Vaughan Williams’ fashion five riders rode a thoroughly enjoyable Fantasia on a Theme of Route 84 today. Justine, Brian, Paul and Dave led by yours truly left the Showground via Panhandle Park and down to Low Bridge/Abbey Road where we followed the usual route until reaching the roundabout on Halfpenny Lane. Here we took a right (thanks to Dennis for showing me this route a few weeks ago) along Old Penny Gate and on to Breary Flat Lane past the lake on to Water Lane, then looped along Hazelheads Lane to come out onto Boroughbridge Road at the roundabout at the end of Bar Lane – a truly delightful digression. From there it was a wonderful ride through to Staveley and on to Minskip, and thence to Yolk for our coffee stop where the food, drink and service was great, matched only by the quality of the chat! Fully replenished, we rode through Boroughbridge to Aldborough and up past the Roman Town to Marton-cum-Grafton and homeward via Arkendale and Farnham. The group agreed to split at the top of Sandy Bank allowing our sprinters, Justine and Brain, to speedily take on the rest of the ride home ahead of the main peloton 🙂 Thanks again to a lovely bunch for an equally lovely ride. 27 miles and 1175 feet elevation for me, John C (I know, it’s a slightly-longer-than-short-ride but Vaughan Williams made me do it!).


Wanderers’ Ride
Sixteen Wanderers set off to Beningbrough. Good progress,calm conditions and a fairly flat ride to the closed Aldwalk Bridge. A handy and scenic right of way alongside the golf course and river took us to a footbridge crossing and we were able to speed off to the Beningbrough cafe for the mid-ride snack.
Arriving just after 11.30 we were too late for the breakfast menu and bacon butties, so we made do with items from the tasty lunch menu. 
Back on the bikes to return over the bridge, then home via Whixley,Cattal,and Ribston.
About 45miles including the delightful diversion, in good company with a happy bunch of Wanderers. Thanks to Colin for leading the faster group. Mike P.


Wednesday Ride

Six riders entered the breakaway group, having looked at the enormity of the Wanderers ride.

Although Mike P’s 45 miles looked tempting, we decided to make our route up as we went along. So, James, Colette, Yvonne, Mark, Tim and I set off to Knaresborough from the showground. Abbey road and the river looked beautiful in the morning light.

The pace picked up as we headed to Farnham and then Arkendale, over the A1 and on towards Great Ouseburn. A quick stop for a group photo (bombed by a four legged interloper) and then the discussion was had as to where to lunch. Tancred was binned and Wetherby became the new destination.

James picked our lunch stop and very nice it was too. I soon realised the type of company I was in when five out of six ordered some rather posh poached eggs/salmon, crushed avo on sourdough. How Harrogate! I stuck to a scone (but it was rather nice with jam and cream!).

Anyway, the “luncheon club” then headed for Knaresborough, seeing Mark depart the group at Ribston. Down into St James Park, back along Waterside (packed!) and up an eventful Beryl Burton Way. I say eventful ‘cos Tim met a rather large angry dog, running at him and sounding off, which brought us all to a halt. No harm done, so it was full steam ahead for home.

40 miles, 13.1mph average and 1553ft of climbing. Another wonderful ride in great company! Rich A.


EG’s Ride Report

We had a record breaking eight EGs turn up this morning for the ride, the destination of which was easily decided by Jim cos he needed to call back at home to pick up his water bottle.

Pretty speedy ride out then to where else but good old Easingwold, where the standard fare was produced by the Olive Branch café. We sat outside on one big table and enjoyed the sun whilst talking the customary rubbish for a while. What could be better?

Return was by the Aldwark footbridge, new to some. The lady at the Owl Sanctuary next door to the bridge told us that the refurbishment was miles behind schedule and that no-one knew when the bridge was likely to be reopened. The footbridge route is fine in the good weather, but may not be so good in the Winter. We shall see.

There was a calling for rhubarb ice cream which proved irresistible to a couple of our team and they scarpered off to Ripley whilst the rest of us rode back to Knaresborough.

Thanks to Jim, Johnny, Phil, Paul, Peter, Dave W2, and Marvin for a great day out, and long may we continue.

Bets wishes were sent to Eric, Dave W, and Chris for a speedy return to the fold.  DaveS.