Short Ride

It must be holiday time. Nobut four of us signed up for this gentle stroll up the Greenway (saluting Malcolm on the way), to Ripley then on to Nidd, Scotton, and Lingerfield. Thence to Scriven,  looking particularly lovely at this time of year.
After the caff stop at the Ugly Duckling in Knaresborough your correspondent was abandoned, the others eschewing the pleasures of the Beryl Burton.
20 miles give or take, including the bonus loop around Brearton.
Paul B


Medium Ride Group 1

A lovely ride for Liz on her first ride back with Wheel Easy and she was well up for a classic Wheel Easy route. At the end of Stripe Lane we all agreed that a route to Sophie’s via Burnt Yates and Clint would suit us all. We joined many cyclists there and enjoyed sitting out in the garden.
Leaving Hampsthwaite we met Malcolm who turned round and cycled home with us. A 34 mile ride on another beautiful day. Gia

Medium Steady Group 2

Rain threatened at the start of the day but the sun won and ten of us tackled route 110 which provided just over 2,000 feet of climbing in 33 miles. It was great to see Liz back in the saddle after her lengthy absence and we welcomed Mark on his first Wheeleasy ride (hopefully he’ll sign-up as a member and do the 100m Challenge Ride too). We split into two groups from the start with the second group shortening the route to take in Sophie’s café which left me leading what would have been better described as a medium brisk ride. Mark, Anna, Gordon and Andy proved to be great companions and we enjoyed the morning with a late coffee stop at Ripley. Denis

Medium Plus Steady Ride

The rumbling of thunder overnight and other portents of doom had done little to dent the enthusiasm of today’s riders.  Alison was on her new electric Specialized bike, in a stylish deep purple which she accessorised with a matching white and purple top; Jan was on her annual pilgrimage oop north, to remind herself how grim it is up here and the rest of the team comprised a Tim, Steve B, Yvonne D, Mike the Vet, Doug H, Peter J and Margaret – and me of course!

A good pace was set as the start time of the anticipated deluge was uncertain and, also, some of the group were on a three line whip to be back for Fathers’ Day events. We took the Littlethorpe route to Ripon and then on to much quieter pleasant roads through Wath, Rainton and Topcliffe and in to Sessay for our lunch stop at Spilman’s Farm Shop.  With hindsight, not a good idea.  It was their strawberry picking season and there was a constant stream of cars going in an out, the place was swarming with children and fraught fathers who were beginning to look as if they wished Fathers’ Day had never been invented.  The only food on offer was ice cream and pizza, in that order and young men were feeding the two outdoor pizza ovens like stokers on a steam train. Demand was beginning to outstrip supply.  There was a separate long queue for hot drinks and cakes and, just to make things perfect, there were only two toilets!  Not a good place for cyclists, as evidenced by the fact that there were no other cyclists there – never a good sign.  Here endeth my rant.

The ride itself was perfectly lovely with light winds, sunshine and not a sniff of rain.  We continued on to Boroughbridge, with Yvonne settling a blistering pace of 20 mph on that last, normally slightly boring four mile stretch. You then feel quite close to home, via Marton cum Grafton, Arkendale, Farnham and Knaresborough Hill.

We all enjoyed the “training” for the Challenge Day and of course the usual cheerful and interesting company.  Wheel Easy is a veritable cornucopia of knowledge and, at the end of the ride, we all knew a lot more about tubas and their valves than we did at the start!  Thanks Mike!!  Garmin recorded 53 miles.  Helen T

Medium Plus Brisk Ride

Route 263 promised to be a warm one today – even if it was raining just before the start. Only five riders today due to a wide number of reasons including ride leading & holidays. At Ripon, the 5 became 3 as Helen & Janet went off to do their own thing. The temperature climbed further as did the speed so that we were hot & it was very humid by the time we arrived at the farm in Sessay but it was too busy to stay so onwards it was. And then a brief “off road” section was required due to an unfortunate incident on the road. We found a place in the Courtyard café at Boroughbridge before following the usual way home in the sweltering heat with discussion of the thunderstorms predicted for later today. 50 miles. Tall Tim