Short Ride

Only 4 of us initially for my ride to Little Almscliffe and Fewston. Sarah, Barbara , Peter and myself. It was a bit grey but it turned out beautiful. Picking up Paul B on Green Lane a nice steady pace out to Beckwithshaw and up to Little Almscliffe. Onto Fewston. Car parks very busy and a lot of walkers. Temperatures were rising as we climbed to the ‘turning point’ of Fewston car park. We retraced our ride to Fewston village but then swung left opposite the church and then down to the Fewston Farm shop. Within 10 minutes 2 other WE rides arrived filling the place. There must have been 20 of us. We gave up our table to ease congestion. The weather was fabulous by now for February and with a bit of a tail wind we didn’t hang about going down Penny Pot . Paul left us at the roundabout soon to be followed by Barbara and Peter. Sarah and I slogged it up Cornwall Road where we went our separate ways. Great ride and weather. Thank you all. Mileage as per the route – 21. Sorry. Forgot to take a photo. Colin B.

Medium Plus Brisk

Fourteen riders turned out for Route 195 to Wetherby & the time-honoured G.T.L. (Greater Thorner Loop). At the Showground, we surprisingly managed to split into two groups of seven within a short space of time – something that has in the past been known to take some deliberation with scenes that are reminiscent of a Carry On film. Off we trundled and all the while, the weather was improving – daffodils to be seen along with blossom appearing on prunus trees. T1 had his legs out – nice. And also farmers were out tractoring & cutting hedges. T4 suffered a puncture & refused any offers of assistance. The 2nd group came up from behind & drifted into the distance never to be seen again – well, that is until Tim’s Bistro at Thorp Arch. The café was a writhing den of activity packed to the gunnels with all manner of people including a large group of cyclists from Selby.

The next group of Wheel Easy cyclists arrived as we left. More admiration for T2’s new bike that has a very handsome bell. Back to Harrogate where various incidents meant the groups split & merged along the way but no-one was left behind, no club rules were broken and we all came home in the February sunshine. 43 (quite hot) miles.

Medium Steady

There was a huge interest in today’s ride which is not one we do that often and my main worry was making the crucial turn on to Pill White Lane after descending from Briscoe Ridge! After a slightly reluctant start we managed to form three groups which inevitably changed and merged, like a marbled cake, all the way to Fewston Farm Shop. Steve Wright got caught by a hedge clipping puncture in his rear tyre but was ably assisted by the Indispensable Mike Wills and Liz Ahmad (who insisted she was there to look and learn!) and they soon joined us at the cafe. It was exceedingly busy today with a queue out the door, possibly caused by the fact that Sophie’s is closed for February?! They dealt with us very efficiently and we had time to admire Martin and Yvonne’s new Orbit electric tandem. A rather fine machine, out on its maiden voyage. Not sure if you are allowed to say “maiden voyage” these days, but I just did.

The groups then had a choice of backtracking to the original route or continuing out past the listening station and going direct to Hampsthwaite, Clint Bank, Holly Bank Woods, Greenway and home. Poor Steve’s puncture re-asserted itself shortly before the listening station and he was again assisted by the Omnipresent Mike Wills and, this time, Alison. I continued with the three remaining riders, Peter B, Monica W and Liz P and we finally made it back so hope the rest of you did too.

It was fabulous to enjoy the heat of the sun, light winds, lambs, crocuses (croci?) and great company. Only two of us fell over and, as far as I know, everyone else stayed upright. Hard to believe it is going to get cold and windy again next week. Helen T

Medium Plus Steady

Five people joined Chris and me to do the Medium Plus Steady route.

By the time we reached Walton Head Lane Peter’s bike was being awkward not wishing to give any assistance but he wasn’t going to let that stop him so we carried on, pausing at the regular photo stop after Kirkby Overblow. I’m sure the sky looked darker and more miserable than Yvonne’s photo shows it.  From there we sped on through Sicklinghall, on into Wetherby, and then down towards the Thorner loop. Garmins deciding to squawking as we started to go round the loop the ‘wrong’ way. Shortly after that we spotted the Medium Plus Brisk group heading towards us going the ‘correct’ way round the loop. The weather was picking up and it was very pleasant as we finished the Thorner loop and headed back to Bramham. Going through Clifford the group got split but regrouped in Thorp Arch before heading to Tim’s Bistro, where the Brisk group were just preparing to leave. There were no toasted teacakes left and the coffee machine was broken! 

Suitably refreshed we left Thorp Arch coming back through Walton and then the cycle path at the side of the Wetherby Road. Back through Wetherby, Kirk Deighton, and North Deighton to Little Ribston where the group split. Yvonne, Tim and Peter following the official route through Spofforth and Follifoot back to the showground. James, Steve, Chris and I heading home via Knaresborough. Yvonne recorded 45 miles and 2,382 ft elevation, I recorded 41.5 miles.