Sliced Bread is a B.B.C. radio programme – quite simply people contact the presenter and ask “Is [enter your product here] as good as advertised? Is it the best thing since sliced bread ………. or not?” Past subjects have included air fryers, those really expensive trainers & the different types of hair shampoo.

And now the programme has looked at bicycle helmets – here is what it says on the interweb site ……….

“Which cycle helmets give you the best protection?

I’m a big fan of cycling and so when listener Migue got in touch wanting to know what cycle helmet he should buy next, I was really keen to investigate.

Migue wanted to know what factors make a cycle helmet the most effective when it comes to protecting your head: the shape, the material, the fit? He’s seen all sorts of neat tech, including collapsible helmets and ones that fit around your neck and act like airbags! To find out more I speak to an expert at one of the world’s leading helmet testing labs in Virginia, USA.

And in researching this episode I also discovered there is a hotly-contested debate about whether cycle helmets should be the focus at all when it comes to safety. Some – including the organisation Cycling UK and the charity Sustrans – argue that introducing tougher rules around helmets would mean far more lives lost through physical inactivity than would be saved in protecting from collisions, which are rare. That’s a view shared by Dr Ian Walker from Swansea University, who also features in this episode.”