In the recent membership consultation a good number of people expressed an interest in trying a sportive, so to encourage that we have picked 3 events this year – the first of which was the Daffodils sportive held on Saturday 19th March. It is one of the more popular events as it is early in the season and starts from Thirsk with 3 routes (40/72/83 miles) going out towards or into the North York Moors. 16 intrepid Wheel Easy members made the start line this year. Here’s a few words on how they got on.

A really enjoyable and well organised event, enhanced considerably by the glorious weather. Tim R

Today’s eagerly awaited Daffodils Sportive was a hilly, 86 mile long course, plus two more modest options, across the Howardian Hills and up through the North York Moors. The day started unfashionably early at the race course at Thirsk. We had beautiful weather and some stunning scenery as we passed through pretty villages and the ruins of old abbeys. Several of the team were soon battling the blustery conditions high above Rosedale as they barrelled their way through the countryside. A more sedate group, populated mainly, but not exclusively, by Tims brought up the rear, easing their way up the 20% climb of Blakey Bank with scarcely a word of complaint. A superbly organised day from Velo 29, fuelled by ‘proper pies’, as many energy bars as you could eat, and a welcome cold beer at the finish line. It is nice to sit down though…  Tim S

The first sportive outing of the year for many, this year’s Daffodils was blessed with glorious sunshine. It was a little chilly at the early start at Thirsk racecourse, but well worth it for the views and a great atmosphere. Velo29’s organisation was spot on with efficient pre-race admin, good signage and feed stations. The big climb of the day was Blakey Bank, but it proved to be nothing like as bad as the reputation, although the wind on the tops after the climb was a bit more than we needed. What a great day out – complete with medal, beer and hot dog at the finish. Vince

It was an early start (1°C said the car thermometer as we left Harrogate) and I’m really not a early morning person. But it was worth it as the weather was glorious all day long & fabtastic landscapes around every corner. A real challenge for me & an unquestionable sense of achievement at the end. Thanks to the other Tims who pulled me around the course! Tall Tim

Well organised, well signposted, great scenery, daffodils and sunshine – what’s not to like? Fiona

Next Event

The next event will be the The Ripon Rotary Ride (formerly The Acorn) on Saturday 7th May. This event has one 60 mile route which is mostly flat which makes entering even easier. Entries open now & 100% of the entry fee goes to support the nominated charities. Enter now at


Fiona Walsh 03:31:00
Mike Walsh 03:30:56
Rachel Winterhalder 04:15:02


Alastair Locke 06:43:39
Justin Locke 07:09:58
Marian Farrar 05:15:58


Andy Ackroyd 06:20:30
Chris Bishop 06:14:46
Darcy Gunning 06:17:13
Grant Dorward 06:10:19
Mark Owen 06:00:45
Peter Lawley 07:36:17
Tim Ling 07:36:03
Tim Rhodes 07:35:54
Tim Swanwick 07:35:07
Vince Grealy 06:23:37