Wednesday Wanderers Group 2 Ride

David, Dianne, Liz and Nicki joined Chris and me in the second wanderers group. After an unpromising cool and overcast start to the day, the sun eventually came out! While we were waiting at the traffic lights on Wetherby Road at the  “newly improved” Chain Lane – York Road Junction, a close encounter with a bus turning into Wetherby Road, was a little too close for comfort.  We made good progress along the route and decided to have coffee at Plenty, the service was quick and it was reasonably priced. At Marton cum Grafton we stopped for a group photo.  Nicki noticed some blue plaques and went to investigate, she reported her findings to the group.  At the top of Sandy Bank Liz, David and Nicki opted to add a few extra miles by going via Scotton, Nidd, Ripley and back via the Greenway. The rest of us decided to go via Farnham, Lingerfield, Scriven to join Boroughbridge Road near the Co-op and then up the Beryl Burton Way. A lovely 30 mile ride with great company. Chris and Chris


Medium Plus brisk alternative route

Vince’s alternative route via Pateley Bridge appealed to five lady riders (and Chris B) apart from the Trapping Hill climb! We cycled together to Hampsthwaite, up Stripe Lane and down through Wilsill and Glasshouses into Pateley. At Wath we said goodbye and Good Luck to the Trapping boys and meandered our way- up more hills back into Pateley. Not many cafes open on a Wednesday so we had a ‘do it yourself’ snack break in a coffee bar, buying snacks from a nearby bakery. Up the main road out of Pateley and up Blazefield Bank then up Fellbeck, turning right towards Brimham Rocks. Did I hear a squeal of delight from Michelle when she saw the Careless House Lane turn? Mostly downhill from here- Scarah Bank, Ripley, Greenway and home. Great ride, so lucky with the weather- 37 miles with 3158 feet of climbing= stunning views! Janet G


Wednesday Ride

Nine riders lined up to be led on a route by Jamess out towards Tadcaster- only to be told that due to a diary clash he was only leading us as far as Wetherby.We quickly forgave him and agreed to be led by “Committee” and make our way to the Roast Cafe at Stutton. James left us at the Linton turn to head off home and then on to Lincoln ( not on his bike!) for his grandaughters graduation.

We were making good time and a few of us were glad of our electric bikes or we wouldn’t have kept up. Heading to Bramham Mark turned off and headed for home and the rest headed for coffee. Those that had been before took the lead but we were soon lost and had to resort to Google and a little doubling back before we reached the cafe.

It was worth the effort as we sat outside in the sun and chose our lunch from an extensive menu. Yvonne ( who knows about these things) said it was “Metro coming to Yorkshire ” – without their prices! A number went for crushed avocado on sourdough.What happened to the old cycling staple of beans on toast?  The discussion didn’t stray onto politics but focused on when your children treat you to a meal with some interesting outcomes.

After a good break we set off back through Tadcaster to Wetherby and once again the lead group set a fast pace. We made the cycle path and headed into Wetherby where Tim,Yvonne and David took turns in leading the charge and a few of us hoping our batteries would hold out.At Little Ribston we turned for home and the last few hills meant a gentler ride back to the Showground before we split to go our seperate ways.

A really enjoyable route, suprisingly good weather and good company. Thanks to James for the route and everyone for their little bit of route leading.Thanks to Yvonne,Tim,David, Mark, Paul, James ,Colette and Geraldine for their company. 44 miles and 2100′ of climbing ( and a lot of crushed Avocado consumed)

















Wednesday Wanderers Ride
12 riders opted for the Wanderers’ ride on this coolish morning. Geraldine was indisposed because of a bad knee. Rain forecast around noon, but not cold. The two Chrises (Chrisses?) offered to lead a sub-group, and they set off down the Showground hill and thence to Forest Moor Road and Low Bridge. Our sub-group (Paul B, 2 Mikes, David A and Sarah C) followed to Farnham , Occaney , Copgrove and then the bridle path to Roeclife and Boroughbridge. I could have sworn I suggested BEAN as the cafe stop, but we did not find the Chrises’ sub-group there (they had gone to Plenty). We sat outside and were served by a pro-Boris woman who was willing to stand her ground. Excellent cakes and coffee were taken while discussion covered poetry (Edward Thomas and Adelstrop), etymology, whether there were bikes in Heaven and ‘living in sin’. Return through Martin-cum-Grafton (even though no such place exists on the OS map) Arkendale, Farnham and Old Scriven. Mike Wills reminded me that I hadn’t taken a photo, so we did so on the way back (points will be awarded to anyone who can identify the location of the photo). At the top of Knaresborough hill we met up with the two Chrises, who had come up the Beryl Burton. Everybody made his or her own way home from there. And it didn’t rain…
About 30 miles



Short Gentle Ride

I’m not sure if it was the weather forecast or the fact that there was no coffee stop but there were only 5 of us for this ride. It’s definitely one to repeat – route 36. Some of the group hadn’t ridden these roads before and it’s always a pleasure to show people new routes so close to Harrogate.

Have you noticed that weather forecasts have become increasingly wrong? So it proved today. It was a lovely morning hitting 22.5 degrees.

The route took in some of my favourite stretches – including the gated road to Lindley and the great ride down Brackenthwaite Lane.
We took the usual route up to Little Almcliffe and just before there we turned along the gravel path through Stainburn Woods. This was perfectly suitable for road bikes. I’d particularly like to thank Dennis for going out yesterday and checking the route to make sure that the gravel was not going to be a problem. Then on to the gated road and through to Almscliffe Crag, We came back through North Rigton (maybe we could have got a coffee at the Square and Compass) and Brackenthwaite Lane to Burn Bridge where the group stopped for a coffee at the Black Swan and I had to leave them.
Great ride. Thanks for sharing.  My Garmin says we did 20.7 miles and climbed 533 metres at a steady pace.
Steve W