Wednesday Ride

Temperatures close to 0°C did not deter the enthusiasm of the Wednesday Riders today – having endured similar temperatures in Germany for a week under a dense greyness, I was overjoyed to see a blue sky and sunshine !

We split into two groups – our group of Paul T, Tim2, Colin, Peter, Steve B and myself strove up Brackenthwaite Lane to the blue Top of the World.  More sheltered lanes echoed to occasional shouts of « ICE » so we proceeded cautiously through Huby, Weeton & Dunkeswick across to Spring Lane where Paul called me back from heading over Kearby Cliff in favour of the not quite so challenging Chapel Hill in Kearby.  Onwards to Wetherby and laffs at the caff, though a momentary disappointment that the rhubarb & apricot scones were finished was dissipated with the appearance of blueberry & pear scones.  All happily refuelled with hot drinks against the chill, we zipped through the Deightons, with a quickish stop for photos of the splendid skies from Spofforth Lane and the final ascent to the Showground.   Cheerful company covered 33 miles and climbed 2,385ft. Yvonne D.

Our second group led by James included Alan, Gordon, David, Joe, Geraldine and Dennis (who made a super start before leaving for his early lunch). Progress was good, but the slippery surface in Kearby brought Joe down unfortunately, so he and Geraldine took the shorter road home through Kirkby Overblow – we hope his bruises ease in time for his walking group Christmas amble with lunch tomorrow.  The remaining four met us in Wetherby and then headed back home through Little Ribston and Spofforth.