Wednesday Wanderers

It’s the season to be jolly unfortunately no cycling as five wise women Wanderers plus one token man decided to go and follow a star to the west.  A walk from the Otley road to Harlow Carr then down to Valley gardens. No snow but lots of mud and water the six wearily trod on, though it shone brightly it was cold and the holly bore a berry in the green woods. After a wandering through the valley gardens and standing to acknowledge peace on earth in the Japanese meditation garden we meandered on towards the warmth of Tillys for refreshments. After confusing the staff, we managed to order and settled down to discuss the world and Christmas preparations. The paths and roads were full of ice and very slippy, Christmas decs and lights lit our way and when we reached the departure points Sally and Nicci set off under yonder star, two Liz’s, Corinne and Peter trudged on towards the east but did not manage to find the stable with the donkey in so headed home. Hope to be out soon cycling if not icy, snowy or wet, leading, guiding light Liz F on Wednesday. Liz F

Medium Steady Wanderers (Route 138)

Seven hardy or foolish riders assembled at the showground.  The temperature was a lot colder than forecast but there was no rain for a change and the sun was shining.We took it steady due to the risk of ice.  All went well until we reached Walton Head Lane which was treacherous.  Steve took a tumble on some black ice but luckily he wasn’t injured.  We had to push our bikes most of the way up the lane.  Whoever picked this route should have known better and should be banned from leading ever again – that will be me then.

Every time we stopped Derek started stamping his feet.  He said it was to warm his feet up.  But it looked remarkably like the River Dance to me.  Probably practicing for the Christmas panto.  My feet were fine due to my thermal socks.

When we got to Wetherby 5 of the riders decided to go for an early coffee and return to Harrogate.  I don’t know if it was because of something I said, my new deodorant or the fact that everyone had cold hands apart from me, who had heated gloves, and Steve who never gets cold hands.  It is the first time on a winter ride that I have not had numb fingers.  The make of gloves are Orshinal (Other brands are available) and can be found on Amazon at

I didn’t do much research and suspect that other gloves will do the same job.  The riders with the ‘Goat’ gloves did have cold fingers!

Steve and I continued the route and stopped at North Street Deli for lunch.  The café was empty with most of the tables reserved.  Luckily there was a spare table and we enjoyed a nice lunch.

It was a good job that Steve was doing the leading as I struggled to see due to the bright sunshine and getting  Littlethorpe confused with Little Ribston.  It might have been a longer ride than advertised!

The path from the Travelers Rest pub through the showground was covered in ice so we ended up pushing our bikes on the muddy grass.

Hope everyone got home safely.

31.6 Miles with an average speed of 11.74 mph.        Gordon T