Medium Ride

It was a grey overcast morning with the threat of rain as the riders gathered at the Showground but we had a cheerful start to the day by singing Happy Birthday to Dennis on his 92nd Birthday- what a legend!

With the singing over eight of us set off towards Little Almscliff and Jack Lane aiming for a coffee stop at the Pool Pantry. We split into 2 groups and made good progress and we were pleased there were still good views over the Reservoir despite the clouds. It was an uneventful climb to the gated road and the only excitement on the descent was that we encountered a huge Bentley whose driver looked pretty nervous as we passed him on the narrow lanes! We then split up as one group took the ‘official’ route and another the easier route into Leathley with both groups meet ing up at Pool Pantry.

After coffee and refreshments (and good chat) we set off back via Castley and up to Almscliffe Crags where the group again inadvertently split – with one group turning towards North Rigton and the other going straight on. We waited at Brackenthwaite Lane at which point Paul had headed for home and Yvonne, David and Sarah, having one eye on the weather, pushed on leaving Gia, Colette and James to motor back and arrive in Harrogate (and home for most of us) before the rain came. Result! An excellent self-led ( hence the splits) ride in good company . 33 miles Kevin

Short Ride

…and back before Agnes! What a great bunch of people to ride with on this special day: Dennis (our 92 year-old birthday boy), Karen, Mike, Bob, Justine, Gordon, Sarah, Judy, Paul and Paul. Our somewhat undulating ride took us to Farnham via Old Scriven and Lingerfield, Occaney, Burton Leonard and Markington, down to Ripley where the most important decision of the day was made by the group; to the café or not to the café that was the question. I’ll leave you to ponder that for yourself. An almost clear ride back along the Greenway and we were home and dry. 25 miles and approx 1564 ft elevation for me, John C.

Medium Plus Brisk

Like everyone else we had an eye on the (overblown?) warnings of Storm Agnes. Sitting down outside at Tate’s the weather was good for late September and everyone was careful not to mention the “R” word but by the time we left the wind was getting up & “R” jackets were donned before leaving. The temperature had dropped noticeably. A good pace saw us up at the Drover’s crossroad on still dry roads and then down into Harrogate only to arrive home just before the wet weather arrived. Before that the group of eight (Zoë, Rachel, Mr Biscuit, T1, T4, Graham, Richard & Young Tim) had left the Showground, then used the repaired Hampsthwaite Bridge, climbed up to Shaw Mills, Risplith, Grantley & Galphay before zooming along Galphay Lane to our al fresco lunch. 42 miles. Young Tim.


The threat of Storm Agnes didn’t put off 12 hardy wanderers, plus another Mike W who joined us at G and Ts café in Risplith. Stunning scenery over Dallowgill Moor and the usual high standard of banter. Thanks to Nicci for leading the first group and Alison for helping me navigate the second group out of Harrogate. 

After a warm and cosy café stop, we headed home the quickest route, but the rain finally caught us at Ripley. Well done to the 5 riders on push bikes who stayed with us 7 on the electric bikes. 38 hilly miles. Thanks for the great company. Bridget