Cafe Recce Ride

Having watched one of George Clarke’s programmes about the renovation of a village shop in Thorner we learnt that there was a cafe called The Post Office Deli. We decided to recce the cafe using the outward section of Route 91. This follows the familiar route to Jewitt Lane via Kirkby Overblow. Turning right at Compton Lane there is a lovely run along the ridge which was one of David Preston’s favourite rides to keep some height. Excellent views as well.
We found the deli in Thorner where James met us in the car as he was not cycling today. There is a large garden at the back suitable for a group of say 12 max and some space for bikes. Other cyclists and customers were in the small cafe upstairs. If we do the ride again which on a sunny warm day would be great we should advise them a day or so before so they don’t run out of scones. (Their words not ours.)
As it was chilly we decided to return the way we came but there are plenty of options to return via Shadwell, Eccup and Weardley Bank or to loop round via Bramham and Wetherby. Our ride was 32 miles. mostly quiet roads and nice to find a new cafe. Gia

Short Ride

It was a coolish start for the five of us partaking of today’s ride. Peter, Barbara,Karen, Dennis and myself headed across the showground to Rudding. A split decision whether to take the ‘horse’ subway or brave the A658. Dennis and Peter chose the later and were waiting for us on the entry to Follifoot. they had no issues. Straight across. Into Spofforth and the cycle way to Wetherby and Thorp Arch. Dennis headed for Walton while the remaining four headed for Tims. Quick and efficient service as ever. Peter headed back for a dental appointment and the rest settled on Walton , Cattal and Knaresborough. Barbara said her farewells while Karen escorted me to Calcutt to make sure I got home safely. Weather remained cool . Bit windy in places but no rain. Thanks to all for your company and chit chat. Slightly over the designated mileage at 27 miles. Sorry no photo. Colin B

Wednesday Ride – Route 266

For today’s Wednesday Ride (Medium  Steady) Yvonne and Tim2 decided to follow Route 266 in reverse order to get 55 miles of training in for their future Sportives. The weather was cold, windy and damp under a leaden sky but this did not hinder progress to Bolton Percy the southernmost point on the route. Here is Doyly’s cafe an old favourite, tea, toasted tea cakes and marmalade were served up – delicious! Back on route heading north we soon encountered the Brisk group who were doing the ride the “Right” way round! Eventually reaching Cattal having ridden against a strong wind for to long we decided to deviate and turned west to make our way back to the Showground via Walshford and Little Ribston. 54.5 miles and 2641 ft of climbing for me and Yvonne recorded an average speed of 14.2 mph. Tim2 


Wednesday Wanderers Ride 

My first leading for a while and a newish route which was hilly, my reputation for hills was still there and this was no exception. Eleven Wanderers opted to join me and plenty of double jeopardy with two Liz’s, two Mikes, two Chris’s, Sally, Alison, Nicci, Lesley, Diane and John. Down to the Greenway, Ripley and Hollybank Wood where the bluebells looked beautiful and their heady scent filled the air. Quick photo was taken as it was busy with walkers and dogs. Onwards and downwards to Birstwith and the toll bridge. Stripe Lane my hills took its toll and two Mikes and Chris plus Lesley went straight on to the cafe. Eight of us continued up Stripe Lane, Brimham and down to the Wilsill. At Summerbridge went to Fir Tree cafe where I had reserved places for us and the ladies served delicious fresh baked scones and bacon butties. Two Mikes, Lesley and Chris were waiting for us, Mike had recovered though felt my hills were to blame and would divert top of Dacre Bank homewards. Now eight climbed up Brackenwaithe Lane with great views, Thornthwaite, through Darley managing to avoid the roadworks. At Birstwith two Chris’ and Diane turned left to go up Clint Bank. Famous five climbed up to Clapham Green and down to Hampsthwaite. Sally and I went up to Clint Bank, four home via Knox in the capable hands of John and Alison. Hollybank Wood we bumped into the three who at turned off at Birstwith. Bluebells were stunning still, through Ripley to the Greenway. Garlic was beautiful and pungent and Sally stopped to gather some. At Bilton Cross we departed in different directions homeward. Great day out, chilly but dry, lots of hills, good food and chatter. Thank you everyone. Liz F