Awayday Ride

The first Awayday of the year was a reprise of a route from the archive of 31 miles from Masham to Leyburn and back. Parking was at Riverside car park, beside the cricket field, with a refreshment stop at Tennants Auction House cafe.

At least that was the plan and it looked like it was going to attract a record turn-out for the current era. However, in the preceding days the forecast had been getting steadily worse and a few of the more rational club members quite sensibly decided that they would live to fight another day. So 13 of us set off in good spirits despite the rain and spurred on by the knowledge that Tennants stopped serving breakfast at 11:30.

After about half an hour the rain stopped and it proved to be a pleasantly calm morning despite remaining overcast overhead and wet and muddy under wheel as we passed Jervaulx Abbey and through East Witton. We re-grouped a couple of times but from Middleham and up the long climb to Leyburn it was every man or woman for themselves as breakfast called. Unfortunately Rachel, on secondment from the Brisk Awaydayers, got a puncture on the run-in but thankfully managed to make it to Tennants. As did the rest of us, and after we had assembled orders were taken and excellent sausage baps etc. were produced in good time.

A quick inner-tube replacement was affected and on recommendation from tour guide Mike C we then took short detour to admire the Harmby waterfall. The return to Masham took us along more pleasant and quiet country lanes and we made good progress despite the rain returning and conditions slowly deteriorating. The day was summed up as a rainy, misty, filthy friendly ride; who could ask for more on a Wednesday in March? Doug H

Wednesday Wanderers Ride

In spite of a damp, drizzly morning and a poor forecast six Wanderers decided to go for it. As there was only one rider for the short ride, Chris decided to ride to Ripley with us. So seven of us set off for quite a long, hilly ride to Pateley Bridge via Fellbeck. We said goodbye to Chris at Ripley and continued up Stripe Lane and onwards to Brimham. It was decidedly damp but not the promised heavy rain and we were out and slightly wet anyway, so we decided to go for it up to Fellbeck instead of turning right to G and Ts. We came across the brisk ride and exchanged pleasantries before they headed off into the distance. Onwards and upwards we went to be eventually rewarded with a magnificent view of Nidderdale. It was truly fantastic and we lingered a while to enjoy it. We headed downhill and then severely downhill to Pateley Bridge where we enjoyed some well-earned lunch, coffee, tea and a warm, welcome and efficient service at Wildings cafe. It was a bit hard to get going again but it had to be done as there were more hills to climb. Through Glasshouses to Summerbridge and then one more hill (or so) to Ripley. Our legs were protesting, even those on assisted bikes and we were very pleased to hit the Greenway and the road home. A fabulous, if a little hilly ride with excellent company. 42 miles. Nicci and Bridget.

Medium Plus Brisk Ride

The planned away day was put back to another day due to the weather forecast & instead riders were invited to complete Route 271 – out to Dallow Moor, down to Ripon & back home via Boroughbridge ……… but we only got to the centre of Harrogate before the puncture repair kits were out. Never mind, the rain wasn’t as bad as forecast & the temperature wasn’t so bad either. Up to Shaw Mills under dark skies & round towards Fellbeck where Jonathan, Helen, Zoë, T1, T3 & Vince bumped into our Wheel Easy friends on their way to Pateley Bridge. Round to Tate’s for lunch & it was much colder coming back out again and some hard miles coming home. A total of 56 miles.

EG’s Ride

A good turnout of eight EGs this morning set out to brave the forecast wet weather. Easingwold was unanimously supported. This is usually about 20miles to lunch, but some magic navigation by Dave W managed to extend this to 30miles, and so there were some complaints head from the back of the bunch as midday came and went.

We forgave him however on the grounds that it was his 80th. birthday.

Dave kindly treated us to our lunch in The Olive Branch and we all sung Happy Birthday, as you would expect.

A gentle pedal home gave most of us around 50miles, so a good day out. Thanks to Dave W, Johnny, Geoff, Phil, Peter B, Jim Smith and Dan for another enjoyable day. DaveS