Wanderers’ Ride

There were about 12 Wanderers today and our route was via Brimham to the top road then left down to Fellbeck then right on to  Dallowgill Moor, right to cross the Moor and right to High Grantley and down to G a nd Ts where we stopped for coffee and more. Return was via Sawley, Low Moor Lane and nearing Fountains turning right via the Gypsy camp Watergate Lane, down to Ripley and back via the Greenway. I had done 47 miles, 2792 feet by the time I got home.

We were in two groups with Colin leading the 1st group and I led the 2nd. I had a great day and I hope everyone had a good one as well. Many thanks to Colin and everyone else for contributing to a very enjoyable ride. Liz


Wednesday Ride

James and Ghia devised an attractive route that gradually revealed its challenges. The group split, but met to pick up Paul in Penny Pot Lane and then decided the next get together would probably be at Toft Gate Barn café, so Yvonne and Tim2 led the front group using their phenomenal internal map-memories.

The forecast promised sun at some point, but a persistent easterly wind and clouds lowering over the moor were the general themes as we climbed via Hampsthwaite, Padside (where Your Cat Comes First), Braithwaite Lane (via some posh pigs) and Duck Street up to Greenhow. By now the temperature had plummeted and people without full limb coverage (apart from the ever-hardy Tony) were pleased to get to the café where the scones were fresh, the teapots generous and the sausage rolls seem to come in pairs.

The steep and gravelly descent down Peat Lane proved to be more like mountain bike territory, but everyone made it unscathed and we were soon in the comparatively tropical climes of Glasshouses and Summerbridge. Bluebells and the sun were out in Ripley and after a wind-down along the Greenway and an encounter with the homecoming Wanderers it was generally agreed to have been an excellent ride at 42 miles and around 3,500ft of up.

Thanks for great company Yvonne, Tim2, Tony and David and fellow Wed riders James, Monica and Gordon, plus Ghia, Paul and Kevin who had to return home a bit earlier. Sorry if I’ve missed anyone!  Sarah S



Medium Plus Brisk – Extra Ride

Vince, T4, Andy & Chris B. signed up for the additional ride to support Emma in her training for The Struggle. This would involve climbing out the back of Kettlewell and up Park Rash against a nagging cold easterly wind that was present for most of the day. Before then the riders had gone up the hill at Bedlam, along to & up Hartwith Bank before returning to Pateley Bridge and ascending Greenhow and then flying along to Grassington for a café stop. The sun came out along Coverdale & for the return ride from Masham to Fountains but it was still surprisingly chilly. Wide smiles but tired legs by the time the group began to disperse at the Bilton International Interchange on the Greenway. 80+ miles with 7,500ft+ of climb.