EG’s Ride (Faster Section)

After an appreciable period of indecision, science was introduced to the group, and after analysis of the various weather forecasts was discussed and considered, Benningborough Hall Farm Shop was selected for the break fast stop (taken at elevenses time). A main group, a following group, and a few riders in between the two set off into the Noreasterly wind via Ferrensby. I was in the lead group and we were soon rattling along at a fair old lick. At Marton, we were unceremoniously passed by a couple of guys on electric bikes, who, it turned out, had defeated the governors on their machines to give them a higher cruising speed. Did I say cruising? We had to blow our brains out to get on the back of them again, some of us questioning the wisdom of giving chase at all. Fortunately they turned off in the Upper Dunsforth direction and normal service was resumed.

Benningborough Hall was reached in about an hour, when the next dilemma made its appearance. There was a rumour, too strong to resist by some, that if you went to the cafe at the Hall itself, and if you ordered a meal, you got a free cup of tea. This was too much for some of the lads and the group split for refreshment.

Service at the Farm was swift and pleasant, with discussion about the hero of The Wizard comic, The Great Wilson. Turns out the waitress new all about him too; she didn’t look old enough.

Whistles having been wet, and a suitable welcome having been made to the following group who were just arriving, we entered a further period of indecision regarding the next section of our route. In frustration (and exasperation at the lack of a sufficiently detailed map), we set off without a proper plan. This deficiency was soon highlighted when we reached the end of the road and some of our group turned towards Tollerton.  We had only gone 100m when the realisation set in that this was a long and uninteresting road, resulting in six riders turning round for York. Chris and Colin carried on. Hope it worked out well for you boys.

The cycle track into York had been cleared of flood debris, and we had a look at the Scarborough Bridge, which looks to be nearing completion.

The garden centre cafe at Askham Richard was our destination for excellent fare, even though the wait was a bit lengthy. It was pleasant enough sitting out in the now pretty hot sunshine and enjoying that Yorkshire tradition; telling the tale.

Departure was down the “Road closed to cyclists, horses and pedestrians” route, we having first confirmed that no one was wearing any club identity.

A fast return ensued during which colleagues branched off to their various homes.

Thanks to Marvin, Geoff, Dave W, Dave P, and Pete for your excellent company and a lovely day out.   Dave S.


EG’s Ride (Mature Section)


There was a good turnout at Low Bridge with the weather looking promising despite an early chill.
Discussions on wind direction etc, led to a decision that it might be good to head in a Yorkish direction and the first coffee stop would be Beningborough Hall farm cafe.
It was a leisurely start but eventually leg muscles started to twitch and up went the pace, leaving the small “B” team consisting of Bob S, Dave P1 and Norman to head for Arkendale, where Bob left us to return home to do Grandad duties, it being the Easter Holidays, Dave P1 and Norman heading in a leisurely manner to Aldwark bridge.
We had a photo session in Aldwark wood, where it was nice to take comfort then on to the farm shop cafe where some where and some were not, the were not`s were in Bilborough Hall cafe where free tea could be obtained, (I Iove living in Yorkshire ).
Eventually we all met up at the Farm shop cafe and away went the “A” team. Dave P and Norman drank their coffee and chatted to others on our table, one whose husband rode with Clifton Cycling club, and they do`nt hang around.
The twosome then headed towards Beningborough Grange then north on the minor road to Tollerton and the “plague” crossroads and a rest on the new bench and think on what actually they washed to coins in.
On to Alwark Bridge, the Dunsforths and Boroughbridge to rest our bums on the comfy seats in Morrisons. The pair of us were feeling somewhat fatigued but evolved a cunning plan (well done Baldrick) if our wives gave us a telling off for doing to much , each of us would blame the other.
Brilliant cycling weather, if perhaps for us at the moment a little longer than we intended (50 for Norman and 55 for DP) a great ride tired but triumphant.    Dave P1
EG’s C Team Ride (Colin and Chris)
We regrouped at Benningborough Hall (see Dave’s report) where suggestions to use the NT cafe where filter coffee or a pot of tea were free with any food order was declined by the majority of the group, cyclist refusing free drink, hold the front page! However Nick and I decided we would take up the offer and sat in the gardens (photo) enjoying the spring sunshine. Not sure if this is an NT in general or just some places in particular, but it is an offer for those who arrive on bikes.
We regrouped after refreshment and some discussion took place about where next, it seemed there were two options, towards York or use the acorn charity ride route. At first it was agreed to go North towards Sheriff Hutton but when we reached the T junction the majority decided to head south towards York after all. Colin and I fancied a change of scenery and said our farewells heading north. The roads were reasonably surfaced and quiet enough for us to ride side by side. We both agreed to take it steady, it wasn’t a race etc etc. so predictably as we headed into the cool breeze and the day warmed so did the pace and the miles passed quickly. At Sheriff Hutton we stopped again to consult the map were we spotted Whixley Graham inside the cafe! So a coffee and cake stop and chance to catch up with Graham who had been poorly but it was obviously a cold not a fever. Heading west now with the breeze on our backs we passed Easingwold and Bafferton then from Boroughbridge to Markington and eventually to Ripley where Colin and I parted ways.

A total of 70+ miles at a decent pace in excellent company.  ChrisB


Wednesday Wanderers Ride

Despite the reduced numbers at Hornbeam (because of the Away Day), there seemed to be dozens (well, more than 20…) opting for the Wanderers’ ride to Tadcaster on a day which promised to get warmer and sunnier. Michael knew the route and kindly offered to lead a faster group, and off they went. Mike S (Michael’s brother-in-law) also offered to lead a second sub-group, and off they went, leaving 9 of us to make up the third sub-group. We had agreed to meet up at the Station Yard in Wetherby. We picked up Paul B on the route through Burn Bridge, Walton Head Lane, Kirby Overblow and Sicklinghall, but failed to find Angela R at Kearby. (She had, in fact, joined the first sub-group.) In Wetherby we met the second sub-group at the Station Yard, but at least five riders decided to leave us at that point, including Tall John, Dennis, Marion, Barbara and Max. We continued as one sub-group through Wetherby and along the cycle path towards Bramham, but taking the well-surfaced road to the west of the A1 rather than the cycle path on the east. Brian had problems with his rear brake, but he coped well with having essentially no rear brake for the rest of the ride. The road on to Tadcaster was pleasantly quiet, and the weather continued to improve. Back from Tadcaster via Wighill and Thorpe Arch, where the first of our sub-groups was just leaving the café as we arrived, but they had not gone to Tadcaster! As Paul B was with us, the conversation over refreshments in the sunshine was erudite and edifying, varying from blue-blooded spiders to the niceties of the periodic table. Back to Wetherby and along the Harland Way to Spofforth, Follifoot and Rudding, but only Geraldine and I were left to the joys of the Showground Hill.  About 39 miles.   CPS


Wednesday Wanderers Fast Ride



Poddlers Ride
The forecast was brilliant and a plan was planned.  Surprisingly six people opted for a trip up to Brimham Rocks and beyond.   Having reached Ripley the majority of the group sped off through Burnt Yates or up Stripe Lane to the crossroads before the rocks..they sped very quickly and kindly waited for a backwards leader who eventually arrived. A remarkably pleasant swoop to Risplith spotty cafe enabled us to have an interesting chat or two despite learning you had to pay 30p extra for hot milk with your coffee.
We eventually dragged outselves back to the bikes and having talked each other out of a quick trip to Ripon set off through Sawley and home… two totally different directions.   I was determined to go by the most direct route home, those ahead decided to see if there were less hills up on Watergate Lane.
Well I had a lot of downs…and consequently the steepest up I ve tackled for several years…on foot!
Hopefully everyone arrived home some how….thank you for your company and I hope the fluid planning did not mess up too many people’s rides. No idea how many miles exactly as i still can t work the ordometer….about 28 plus ish. CG
Wednesday Ride

On a beautiful morning there were lots of people for Joe’s ride so I volunteered to take a fast group. We sailed along to Bramham, then Clifford, Boston Spa, Thorp Arch village then cafe stop at Trading Estate, early coffee. Sorry Joe, misunderstood standing, should have gone to Tadcaster. Came out of cafe, Geraldine and group turned up, took photographs. To make up for my misunderstanding we decided to go Tockwith, Cattal, Whixley, Marton, Arkendale, Farnham, Scriven then up Knaresborough Hill. We had a lovely ride on a perfect day. Thanks for great company. 45 miles, 2136 feet climbing, at average speed of 13.62 mph. Mike Wills


Long Ride

The Awayday left the Long Ride rather depleted leaving only yours truly, Graham and Nick, a new boy who is in training for a charity ride to Germany, as the only takers. With no clear idea of where we were going, we headed off to Tadcaster via the usual route of Rudding Park, Spofforth, Little Ribston, Cowthorpe and Wighill. After being suitably refreshed at The Lemon Tree we meandered towards York going through Bolton Percy, Acaster Selby, and joining The Planets cycle path near Naburn. Now it was on to Askam Richard but horror of horrors the road was closed to everyone including cyclists. There followed an even more meandering route through Catterton and Healaugh back to Wetherby. A bit of confusion arose about the exact route back to Harrogate but everyone arrived back safe and sound. PCJ


Awayday Ride Grimwith

The coffee-break cruisers (photograph of us all, thanks to a helpful passer-by, with Malham Tarn in the background…..


The consensus was to take coffee in Kettlewell, which (almost) prepared us for the haul out of Littondale…..(I was walking too)


Past Malham Tarn, and Malham Cove, with Belted Galloways….

To lunch at the excellent Farm Shop Cafe at Airton (Malham was like Hampstead Heath on a Bank holiday)

Then the usual slog through Winterburn, Hetton, Cracoe, Thorpe and Burnsall back to the cars at Grimwith.

Plus points….the weather…what a day! The scenery! Signs of spring everywhere.

Minus points..universal realisation that “scenic” is Colin-speak for hilly…..and appears to be telling us porkies….1100 metres climbing? Surely more than that!

My wing-man, Kevin…..was missed. Take it easy and come back fighting  CT


8 riders scheduled but 1 in Italy, 1 protested and 1 in Grassington so 5 set out from Grimwith on a morning of promise. Spring was in the air. Terry duly joined us at Grassington and we headed for Kettlewell . Coffee stop eschewed and so on to Arncliffe and the main business of the day up Brootes lane. Superb tarmac and a tail wind helped to make light of the climb. Then a puzzle – coming from Malham a big artic – surely it couldn’t cross the little bridge and the hairpin beyond? We never found out.

Views of Malham cove then Airton farm shop – talk of tandems and icy descents in Spain. Terry left us at Hetton where Eric felt obliged to adjust the signage for the cycle route.  Just Hartlington Raikes to overcome, the party again declining sustenance at Burnsall.

There is something about cats and bad luck. Tim had to deliver the grim news of Sparky’s demise to his owners, having found his body in the road. A suitable omen for the last climb back to the car park.

Thanks to those who rode with me though I think a leader was surplus to requirements!  Andy A


Awayday Ride Grimwith B Team

For views and weather, this ride will be hard to beat. If ever you want to show a visitor the best parts of Yorkshire, just drive them round this route – which Allen has already put on the website as route 233.

9 of us left Grimwith reservoir on a cold-ish morning and 9 of us arrived back on a hottish afternoon. The back road from Grassington to Kettlewlell gave us a false impression of an easy ride. Unlike others, we resisted the temptation of coffee at Kettlewell.

Then to Arncliffe and up and over to Malham – a rewarding climb which most cycled up. The crags above Malham Cove were looking great in the sunshine – as did everywhere.

After a good lunch at Airton, we set off on the flat bit back to Grimwith. Who said it was flat? Undulating doesn’t even cover it.

We had deserved an ice cream at Burnsall but, tragedy, not one was to be had in the whole village so we settled for a mug of tea. Then we decided to photo bomb a wedding on the grass near the bridge and thought better of it at the last minute (you can just see them in the background).

We will forget about the long climb up Hardisty Raikes and back to Grimwith but overall it was an unforgettable ride.

I’ll agree with James that it was around 41 miles and 1270 metres. Thanks to everyone for their photos.   Steve W