Short Ride

Wednesday was a beautiful winter’s morning- cold with blue skies and some mist hanging in the valleys. Just the day for a  meander round the Kettlesing ‘maze’. Surprisingly, a large group thought the same. We broke into small groups to Hampsthwaite. There, it was agreed it was safe to mingle, as long as we were aware of other road users. The countryside was looking beautiful , banks of snowdrops and aconites and we even spotted some lambs! We turned up Sleights Lane, turning left onto Staupes Road. I waited at the junction to indicate which way to go. All fine, or so I thought, until we realised we were missing 2. Fortunately, a phone call solved the problem and we agreed a rendezvous. Dennis departed near Menwith. The rest of us continued to the A59 where 4- way lights  gave us a long rest! From there, we broke into smaller groups. 10 of us arrived at Horticap where Sally suddenly appeared having trailed us all the way round. Horticap provided speedy service once they had recovered from the shock of a group of 10.( Best to phone ahead (01423 522876). After the usual chat, we all made our respective ways home. 20 hilly miles. Alison

Wanderers Ride – Colin’s Group

A chilly and misty morning greeted the thirteen riders venturing on my ride. Splitting into two groups one led by Tim and the other by myself we headed for Knaresborough via the road down to Sainsburys. Mike P was waiting at Low Bridge. As Tim’s group disappeared we progressed at a more sedate pace. From Farnham we rode into Burton Leonard before the decent into Bishop Monkton. Onto Roecliffe and to Plenty . Tim’s group were just receiving their food as we arrived. Good service. Mike P highly recommends the ‘Chunky Cinnamon Toast’. It did smell good. The sun was coming out and things were warming up as we progressed through the Dunsforths ,Thorpe Underwood and to Whixley. Safely negotiating the A59 across to Cattal we decided to cross the river then up to Cowthorpe and Little Ribston. Liz P and Nicci headed across to Follifoot while Mike P, Diane, Chris and myself headed up to Knaresborough and home. Great ride and company. Just short of 43 miles for me. Colin B

Wanderers Ride – Tim’s Group