Short Ride

Nine on the short ride isn’t bad these days. The promise of (instant) coffee and cake for £1, but only if Arkendale village hall was open, was the chief attraction for these nine cheapskates.
A mucky and hugely puddled Water Lane (geddit?) round the back of Hay-a-Park led to some (good humoured) grumbling. I’m sure I heard someone say, “Peter Lawley wouldn’t have brought us this way. “
So, off to Farnham and Staveley and lo, it came to pass – they were open in Arkendale. 
(Dennis was suffering ebike range anxiety and left us at Farnham.)
Back via Coneythorpe and a lucky A59 crossing – we all got across in one bunch – to Goldsborough, Knaresborough and home. About 22m. 
Joe was back marker and snitch. The latter responsibility refers to keeping an eye on our overtaking gaps. Verdict : could do better. 

Paul B


It was a first day venture out for some due to inclement weather over the past weeks. Plan A, the published ride was altered, and after several suggestions we eventually got to Plan D route to Ripley onto Hampswaithe, and then decided again to change the route. On reaching Ripley we were now on Plan K and decided on Birstwith, Stripe Lane, Brimham and to G and T’s for refreshments. The sun was out though the roads were wet. We meandered onwards, and a short sharp shower pelted us with icy hailstones, but we soon reached Sawley and G&T’s for refreshments. After further discussions we were now at Plan M and decided on Studley Royal deer park, Ripon, Littlethorpe, Bishop Monkton, Markington, Scarah Bank and Ripley. Quite a mystery tour of 40 miles, 9000 feet Mike felt he had climbed. The motley crew consisted of Mike W, Mike the vet, Mike (three wise men) Nicci, Liz F (leader, follow yonder lass) Roger, Colin, Steve, Derek. Good fun and saucy chat. Many thanks for your company.  Liz F

Wednesday Ride

The recent fog, ice, gale force winds and even some of the rain held off for 11 ‘Wednesday riders’ to enjoy Tim 2’s excellent anti-clockwise circuit around Harrogate. The time management by Tim was impeccable, as we arrived on cue for a booked café stop in Ripley (top mince pies) before continuing to the Pine Marten for lunch (Tony via his own personal version of the route, closely supervised by John). 

Malcolm, Sarah, David and Monica joined the riders and, due to Colette’s superb menu spreadsheet, everyone got what they’d ordered. A collection of photo books and calendars had the founder member Wheel Easy crew all misty-eyed with nolstalgia, and we toasted Gia and Malcolm for having created such a wonderful group that continues to thrive and grow. 

Thanks to Colette and Tim for organising a lovely day and fellow riders James, Gia, Kevin, Yvonne, Tony, John C, Paul and Steve.

Sarah S