Wednesday Ride

This weeks Wednesday Ride this week might be a record breaker in that having started with 9 riders, by the time we got to Kirby Overblow we were 13 and passing through Linton we were down to just 3 who  stayed the course! The attraction of diving straight into Wetherby for coffee was too much for the majority and so Chris x 2 and myself continued on through Collingham and up Jewitt Lane to Bramham. The cycle path alongside the A1M was then the direct route into Wetherby just in nice time and mileage for coffee and carbs and to shelter under Pomfrets awning from the very few spots of rain that fell at that time. Returning through Little Ribston we encountered only a few more spots of the forecast  rain and Chris and Chris kindly took me home to Knaresborough before branching off for their home at Grimbald Bridge and along Abbey Road. Thanks to everyone and particularly Chris and Chris for 31 enjoyable miles out.  James G

Wednesday Wanderers’ Ride

After some beautiful autumn days, today was dull and grey. However, I stuck to my plan of viewing Wharfedale in Autumn. We split into groups to make our way to Little Almscliffe, Fewston (where the reservoir is still very low) and upwards to Timble. Here we spotted the familiar red cape of Mike Clarke. In other words, far from being sunny, it was raining! It was a stiff headwind, too, along the ridge towards Little Snowden. However, this detour overlooking the Washburn valley was lovely. Once back on top of the ridge, the views towards Ilkley were rather gloomy and overcast.  

The swoop down to Askwith was as good as ever. Then we cycled along Weston Lane with continuing drizzle. On the edge of Otley we cut through to the Leathley road, avoiding some hill and some traffic. Next stop was the Farm shop at  Pool who accommodated us all on the veranda. We did a couple of miles on the Bradford road, which was far busier than I remember it, before climbing up to Almscliffe Crag and North Rigton and making our way back to Harrogate. A big thank  you to Mike Wills for being so helpful and supportive. Everyone’s warm, friendly conversation cheered up a rather grey day weather wise. 35 miles and lots of climbing. Alison N

Wednesday Wanderers’ Mike’s Group

Medium Plus – Brisk

Six riders set off towards Burnbridge on route 210. A group of ‘fast boys’ swept past us and Zoe couldn’t resist the urge to draught them until the A61! We passed them on Walton Head Lane mending a puncture but they swept past us again in Sicklinghall. Onwards to Linton, Collingham and up Jewitt Lane to Bramham. At this point Rachel and Michelle decided to return home via Wetherby. Cycling alongside the A1 through Aberford into a headwind was tricky- full marks to Tim and Trefor for shielding Zoe and I from the worst of it. Past Lotherton Hall and through Sherburn in Elmet we were again on busy roads. One lorry driver, coming in the opposite direction sounded his horn so loudly it made both Zoe and I jump. The down draught nearly pushed Zoe into the ditch. Biggin, Ulleskelf and then onto what appeared to be private land we popped out onto the A162 – then headed for Roast on Stutton Road. Not cheap but very good quality food- plus we missed the rain shower. Wighill, Wetherby, North Deighton, Spofforth, Rudding and the Showground Hill. By this stage my legs were ‘shouting’! Zoe told me it was ‘character building’! The tailwind, promised by Trefor on the way never materialised but we had a really lovely, dry ride. Not my favourite route- far too many busy roads! 55 miles and over 2,000 feet of climbing- not bad for a Wednesday Janet G