Short Ride

Six of us left the showground for a gentle ride to Fewston farm shop. The morning was sunny and cloudless, and a buzzard soared easily up the thermals as we departed. Out towards Beckwithshaw at a pace on the gentle side of gentle, Diane was the only truly pedal powered amongst us – but also one of the fastest ! Passing a field of sheep being ‘flushed’ we had a brief and initially polite discussion on ovine reproduction. Flushing sheep does not involve plumbing. Paul stopped to photograph what remains of Swinsty reservoir – the ducks are standing, not swimming – then on to the cafe. We sat outside in the sun. But the sun chose to leave us, so we quickly moved on for home, with a strengthening following wind. Penny Pot Lane treated us to a rare sight of a large flock of lapwings, wheeling in unison, splitting and regrouping and alternately flashing black and white as they turned away and then towards us. Joy ! Riders went their own ways after Ethelburga’s, four braving Oakdale’s little hillock, with the leader managing to lose himself (but no-one else) on his way back to the showground.

Many thanks to Sarah, Diane, Caroline, Paul and Dave for their entertaining company. Mike

Medium Steady Ride

Couldn’t  have been a nicer day for a ride out, crisp, sunny and clear with not much wind ( I’ll mention that later!).

Six of us plumped for the medium steady ride including three new faces, I should say ‘young’ new faces. It’s very nice to see some young people coming on the rides, so thank you Ally, Josh and Andy, we hope to see you again soon. Jill and Mike joined us and we all went off to Wetherby but missed out the cycle track from Spofforth to Wetherby as recent rains have left it in a bit of a muddy state. We detoured to North Deighton instead.

Tea and nibbles at Tim’s place on Thorpe Arch trading estate were enjoyed by all, and I resisted the urge for a mooch round the car boot sale. Jill returned home the way we’d come as she had things to do and five of us continued on our way. A couple of small (very small!) corrections to our route later and we got back on course with the wind starting to pick up a bit.

Quick stop for a photo on the bridge at Cattal ( sorry Jill I should have taken one earlier) and we continued on with the wind in our faces.

We met up with the medium plus group at the top of Sandy Bank road who had also been enjoying the headwind!

Our group split up to go their separate ways at the top of Knaresborough hill with Mike and Andy heading into Starbeck, Josh and Ally heading off down the Greenway and myself going down Forest Lane.

A most pleasant ride with pleasant company and I look forwards to seeing Andy on an ebike of his own !

Medium Plus Steady Mike’s Group

A beautiful Sunday morning saw a good turnout formed two groups my group consisted of six Alison , Liz,Barbara,David,Steve, Mike, A nice steady ride having time to talk and appreciate the wonderful contrasting colours of the hedgerows in the bright sunlight on to cafe at garden centre where we met two other groups having a break Steve left us at Ripon to collect his car at Boroughbridge after riding in to Showground We set of for home sun still shining a very pleasurable ride with lovely people well done to all and thanks 42 miles Mike W.

Medium Plus Steady Yvonne’s Group

A beautiful autumn day brought lots of cyclists out to play; a slightly swifter group of 9 of us set off over Little Almscliffe, up to Menwith Hill and down to Birstwith, testing the brakes hard as we passed St James’s before heading up Clint Bank where Doug made a neat pick-up of Peter N’s rain-jacket as it popped like a Jack-in-the-box out of his pocket.  Lovely views rewarded the climb up to Cut Throat Lane from Shaw Mills, before we pressed on to Watergate Lane and Fountains Abbey.  Super swoop down through Studley Royal, whilst admiring the delightful deer; and how we envied the geese heading south for the winter… Coffee aficionados were gasping by now but we followed Mike W’s instructions and headed to Spa Gardens, Ripon.  Pleasant enough to sit outside in nice company but the café had already run out of toasted teacakes !  Heads down for the challenging headwind from Littlethorpe all the way to Knaresborough.  A loose dog careering up the Bond End path suddenly ran into the road and took 2 of us out at the roundabout quite spectacularly.  The dog ran on, so no idea how it is; the owner turned up 5 minutes later, said « sorry » and made off to try and catch the dog up.  A witness said the unfortunate dog had already been involved in 2 incidents on the way.  Thanks to the team for scraping me and Steve B off the tarmac and fixing the bikes well enough to get home – my left elbow has benefited from being in a frozen wine sleeve and I’m trying to keep the fingers moving.  Steve has some mending to do where his knees met the road.  Thanks to Helen, Doug, Peter J, Peter N, Debbie, Tim, John & Steve B for the good company on a mostly great 44 miles and about 3,000 ft elevation.  Yvonne D.


Medium Plus Brisk Ride

Eleven cyclists set off, only to lose Julie and Andy almost immediately- they were offering ‘reverse Trappings’ as an alternative. David W peeled off along the way to Little Almscliffe but we thankfully picked up another David on route. The sun was out and we made good progress past Menwith Hill and down to Birstwith. Unfortunately at the bottom of the hill at Shaw Mills Denis’s gear cable broke. Despite the best efforts of the mechanics in the group it could not be fixed and Denis had to ring ‘international rescue’- aka his wife Rachael. Through Studley Royal we were treated to the sight of two young stags ‘practise rutting’. Coffee at Tate’s- in fact Vince got two for the price of one- no jamgate here! The other group arrived also having a great ride. Through Ripon, Littlethorpe, Knaresborough and up the hill where everyone went their separate ways home. 41 miles, great weather, good company, great ride. Janet Glynn