Short Ride

Well I probably broke some of the rules of the short ride, added an unnecessary loop, more miles etc but I was reassured that all was well with the discovery of the Kettlesing lanes and the now famous Moorcock Lane.  This is a lane that we must have ridden past hundreds of times until fairly recently we decided to see where it led. It leads to one of the best vistas of Nidderdale, some superb properties and a quiet lane. Due to my earlier failure to navigate my own devised route we doubled back up to High Birstwith for the run down to Sophie’s where we relaxed as though we were on an all day ride. But everyone seems happy! We joined the longer medium ride on their return so mingled with them at Ripley and back along the Greenway. Huge welcome to John and Anne, Anne a Wheel Easy returner who gobbled up the hills and the miles, Justine on her evolving bike, Paul with his snazzy new bicycle shirt. Dennis who left of course for his Sunday lunch and Joe and Geraldine who finally found out the location of Moorcock Lane. Thank you everyone, a lovely ride and I better not give you the mileage or the time we got back! Gia



Medium Steady Ride

As there were quite a few ‘takers’ for the Medium Ride, we split into smaller groups. Thanks to Liz Fredriksen and Yvonne for taking a group.The suggested route, through Hollybank Woods, along to Birstwith, up Stripe Lane to Brimham and Sawley is lovely. With the added attraction of G&T’s, what could be better! Despite the grey skies, there were good views to enjoy. We stopped at the top of Stripe Lane for a photo opp- which Sally took very seriously! G&T’s were as welcoming as ever.Paul B had left us to swoop down from Brimham while Martin left us at G&T’s to embark on a mini ‘Tour de Yorkshire. Back to Harrogate via Watergate Lane and Markington. Welcome to Ros, thanks to Yvonne for photos of black sheep and blackberries and thanks to all for your company. Alison    35miles,  2293 ft.