Short Ride

Led by Chris, Barbara David and myself were on the ride. Chris was a great leader opening gates for us, helping with my flat tyre .

We cycled 26-27 miles climbing 1,774 feet in the showers and cold. Travelling past the squinting cat, little Armscliffe, Fewston reservoir. To the farmhouse cafe shop to refuel. Then over the A59 through the Army base then down to Hampsthwaite, Killingbeck and Knox . Barabara showed us the lovely view over the allotments towards the dales as we navigated back to the showground . A pleasant ride due to the company and scenery.

Medium Ride

I was joined on the Medium Ride by Debby, Bridget, Liz P and Paul and the e-bikes just held the balance of power. at three to two! The improving forecast promised a drier morning than last night but none the less we got damp several times as we headed out to Little Almscliffe and then past the Sun Pub at which point the sun did put in a brief appearance. The A59 was busy as usual but safely negotiated and then through the listening station where the barrier waited to rise until Bridget was half way through the side gate. Onward past the Menwith extensions and after a brief stop for the group photo with the trees retaining some of their autumn colour still, we gratefully made it to Sophies for coffee and toasted teacakes. Martin joined us briefly having been out on his own for some exercise and we left him enjoying his coffee to deliver Paul safely home and the rest of us made our several ways through Knox and home. 28/30 miles depending on whether you count getting to the Showground and little or no rivalry between those with tradition pedal power and those with e-assistance! James G

Medium Plus Brisk

A wise old man of the woods [sounds like Steve Wright – Ed] once said “Don’t believe the forecasts, the weather often isn’t nearly as bad so just get out on your bike” and so it proved today with seven riders (Helen, Zoë, T1, Mark T, Mark O, Denis The Younger & T3) heeding these words of wisdom. Instead of steady rain all day, we had sporadic & short lived showers. It was cold though. There were only 3 riders by the time we came to Ripon with the other 4 taking different options. A good stop at Oliver’s Pantry nearly ended in tears when Tim No. 1 mislaid his bicycle lock key. By the time it was located, the Medium Plus team of Tim No.4, Peter & Steve were also ready to leave & so for a brief while the 3 became 6. However, it really was cold by now and so the 3 sprinted off into the distance for the romp home via Ripley. 39 miles. Tall Tim