Short Ride

Four set off but two “gave up” the other side of Ripley, leaving just me and Bob to entertain each other.
Garden centre closed, so through Mountgarret back to Ripley, a diversion from the schedule. Ripley busting and no room at the inn, so we gave up and went home. About 24m.
Paul B

Medium Steady Ride

Eastbound today on Route 184 to the Dunsforths, Mike P, Diane, Jill, Kevin, Anita and Tim2 enjoyed good cycling on tranquil country lanes averaging a respectable (for a medium ride) 12.2mph. Three brisk riders Sarah, Gordon and Navah had gone ahead but given our efforts we were able to join them at the excellent and spacious “Hideaway Kitchen” which like the rest of Boroughbridge was very quiet. I think a lot of people had left town for Easter! The return journey commenced through Roecliffe and I know tomorrow is for saying “White rabbits” but there’s a humongous one in Bishop Monkton! Onwards from here to Occaney and Knaresborough hill where we all went our separate ways. 40 miles and 1930ft of climbing for me, Tim 2.

Medium Brisk Ride

Three people opted for the Medium route at a brisk pace on an absolutely gorgeous day for cycling. Sarah, Gordon, and Navah headed out from the showground towards Knaresborough with unusually light vehicle traffic (thanks to the time change, most likely, and perhaps the holiday as well). It wasn’t long before we paused to remove gloves and layers, thanks to the sunshine and lack of wind. The ride to Boroughbridge was pretty speedy, averaging 14 mph and arriving at an almost empty Hideaway a little after 1100, despite a few stops, including one for a photo in front of a field with a white horse. The Medium Steady group showed up at the cafe before our drinks, so we moved to share a large table with them and enjoy even more friendly chatter. We continued on our way, with a turbocharged Gordon pushing the pace (there must have been something in his bacon sandwich), and then Navah living up to her resolution to get better at hills, until we hit Sandy Bank and regrouped for a more leisurely spin back to Harrogate for a total of about 36 miles and 1700 feet of climbing. -Navah L.

Yvonne’s Awayday

Medium Plus Steady Ride

Well, possibly the perfect morning for a challenging ride. Warm sunshine, dry and a very light breeze. Ten of us set off and made our way through town towards Cornwall road and then the climb up to Pennypot lane:- Gia, Helen, Liz, Corrine ,Sally, James, Peter 1, Peter 2, Paul and me. Across the A59 ( no traffic ) and into Hampsthwaite, by now the talk was turning to how steep is Hartwith Bank out of Summerbridge? With Darley and Dacre behind us we soon found out, the E-bikers disappeared before the first bend which gave the rest of us the opportunity to walk the middle steepest section! Gia, James and Paul left us at the Brimham crossroads to meet Malcolm for lunch and the rest of us pressed on looking for more hills. By the time we got to the top of Dallowgill moor questions were being asked about how far to coffee and lunch and how much more climbing to get there. The only real option on this ride is Fountains Abbey so I lied about the distance but we did shave off a little with a couple of sneaky short cuts. The car parks were bursting at Fountains but we timed it just right for hardly a queue in the cafe. We enjoyed a good lunch, made all the better knowing most of the hard work was done, I promised not to mention the whinging about the hills and how far until coffee, so I wont! Peter left us for the Deer park and home and we did the usual return via How hill, Watergate and the Greenway where we said our goodbyes. I don’t know the distance or climbing figures as my Garmin is ill at the moment but a big thankyou for the navigational help and for the excellent company, definitely my favourite ride so far this year. Steve B.