Short Ride

A group of 8 riders set off down the hill from the Showground on route to Conythorpe and Arkendale and home again. The less familiar right turn at the end of Waterside took us past the St James shops and over the by- pass before turning down Mill lane (now a muddy track), to Goldsborough. On route we stopped at the weir to watch the Archimedes Screw taking power from the fast flowing Nidd. After braving the A59 for a few hundred yards we reached the sanctuary of the quiet lanes past the inconspicuous Allerton incinerator. Enough countryside! Time to return to Knaresborough for coffee and snacks at The Ugly Duckling. Refreshed and happy,everyone departed for Harrogate or home,

Thanks to  2 Daves, 2 Pauls, Sarah, Diane and Liz for great company on a splendid Sunday ride. Mike P

Medium Steady

On what turned out to be a lot better day than forecast there was a good turn out of the usual suspects for the Medium Ride and I guess it was the route and the weather that was the attraction rather than the leader. We split reasonably democratically into two groups and after a full group photo at Ripley, it was  Gia, Paul, Debby, Annette, Kevin 1 and Kevin 2 who joined me to head up the dale to Darley. Unfortunately Gia picked up a rear wheel puncture in Birstwith and opted to call Malcolm’s Search and Rescue Service rather than mess about changing the tube. So the remaining six pushed on ever upwards and  eventually out into the bottom of Greenhow Hill Road and then enjoyed both the views and the pleasure of a generally downhill run past Menwith and through the maze of back roads beyond to take us into Hampthswaite where Sophie’s was open once again but very busy. A good coffee and toasted teacake break was taken outside for the first time this year and a quick chat with Martin and Yvonne who were out  on their new sleek roadster tandem before taking Paul home to Killinghall and then heading home or in some cases to Waitrose through Knox. An excellent outing of 30 miles plus, depending on where you started from, with the usual good company and a lovely spring like day as a bonus.  James G.

Medium Steady – Group 2

Another fine, almost spring-like, day so quite a crowd was gathering round the perennially popular James! We therefore split into two groups,,ours initially comprising Monica, Me, Bridget and Margaret with the prospect of intercepting Liz F and Corinne at Bilton. An alarming number of ladies, so we set about recruiting Colin B, mainly for his good looks, charm and charisma – and proven ability to fix punctures. Good job he is not of a nervous disposition! We were then also joined by Roger so things were evening up a bit. Roger has recently returned from a long trip in the southern hemisphere and was busy re-acquainting himself with cold damp weather and Yorkshire Hills.
Route 167 is a delightful route with plenty of challenging hills and some very quiet roads that most of us had not travelled along for quite some time. After a very minor navigational kerfuffle en route to Birstwith, we finally ended up exactly where we wanted to be – Sophie’s! It was so busy we had to sit in the plastic tent outside but there was a hint of sunshine and we all kept our hats on. James’s group were there before us, surrounded by the debris of cake and sandwiches.
Feeling a bit chilled (in all senses of the word) we only had a short hop home via Knox and a tour, guided by Monica, round the snickleways of Harrogate, back to the Stray. A very pleasant day, led by nobody in particular, with no incidents or mechanicals – so, in all honesty, we could have managed without Colin. Only joking! Helen T

Medium Plus Steady

A lovely still morning with the prospect of early Spring sunshine brought out a good crowd at the Showground with an ideal 8 opting for the medium plus steady ride, namely Yvonne, Helen, Steve, Peter, Tim, Mike, Mike and Doug. After Follifoot and Spofforth we were out onto quiet country roads and with good conditions (apart from the road surface to Long Marsden) we were maintaining an enjoyable and very ‘steady’ pace (in the sense of being at the top end of steady).

We were buoyed along by prospect of a stop at the Grange Coffee Shop at Askham Richard and possibly by the anticipation of the size of cake portions. Therefore there was much disappointment when we found the Grange unexpectedly closed. After much deliberation we decided, as we were all feeling well, that we could push on for another 10 miles to Wetherby. More coffee shop issues were encountered at Wetherby; some closed and the rest very busy. After further deliberation we decided it was every man or woman for themselves, with some deciding to head on for home and others taking their chances squeezing in to a table for 2 somewhere.

Imagine our surprise then when 7 of us unwittingly found ourselves back together in Breeze’s Cafe on Market Place. Hopefully Steve won’t read this, but if he does then he should be assured that there was no conspiracy! From Wetherby it got a bit hillier which seemed a good chance for me to perfect the technique of ride leading from the back. After Kirkby Overblow some of us stuck to the route back via Panal whilst the other took a more direct route home. Thanks to all for a very enjoyable day in excellent company. Doug H