Short and Gentle Ride

Eight cyclists for the short and gentle ride today (3 Pauls, 2 Davids, Brian, Justine and Colette). We all set off to Goldsborough and enjoyed cycling through the huge puddles (some more than others). It was quite challenging crossing the A59 – but we were patient (as was the car behind us….) and made it safely across. We then all happily meandered through Coneythorpe, Arkendale, Farnham and Lingerfield before arriving at Knaresborough. We stopped for coffee at the Ugly Duckling where the young waitresses were charming in their efforts to make sure our order was correct.

One of the Paul’s then gave us a beautiful demonstration of the step and swing technique for getting on your bike – something to add to the list of cycling challenges! 

We all agreed to avoid the Beryl Burton path due to the combined threat of wet leaves and loose dogs. We re-grouped at the top of Knaresborough Hill before saying our goodbyes and going our separate ways. 23 miles for me. Thank you all for your company and your can-do attitude. Colette


Medium Ride

There were about 16 riders today, making 2 groups with a gap between the 2. We cycled to Ripley, up Scarah bank then Watergate Lane and on to Fountains Visitor Centre where we stopped for an early lunch. Our return was through the deer park and through the southern tip of Ripon. Onward through Littlethorpe to the edge of Bishop Monkton then west to cross the A61 to Markington and then Ripley. Liz P

Medium Brisk (Route 258)

Three of us decided to go for the brisk ride (Mark, Steve & Gordon – that’s me).  Steve said he would drop back to the Steady Group if the pace was too brisk but he set a fast pace right from the start.

At Scarah Bank a very large puddle covered half the road.  The oncoming cars were causing a tidal wave but luckily we avoided it.  The road for Fountains Abbey said that the ‘Road ahead was Closed’.  However, we pressed on and found no problems.  Just before leaving Studley Park Steve got a puncture in his front tyre.  Between us we managed to get the tyre off, thorn identified and removed and new inner tube inserted.  The tube looked slightly big but we used it anyway.  Also, the tyre appeared to have grown and did not want to go back on.  But eventually Steve got it seated and inflated.  I mostly supervised the operation.   We then headed to Tates for a well-earned lunch.

After lunch we just entered Ripon and turned into High Clough when Steve got another puncture!  Despite our offers of help, Steve decided to call it a day and get a lift home from his wife.  It will be interesting to know whether it was the wrong size inner tube or whether there was still some part of the thorn left in the tyre.   Mark and I left Steve to organise his roadside recovery and set off on the return route to Harrogate.  In Littlethorpe a cat decided to run across the road in front of me but got to the other side safely.  At Scarah Bank we had to ride through the flood due to an oncoming car.

A bit of a muddy ride (33.1 miles at an average speed of 12.91 mph).  Gordon T.


Medium Plus – Steady

More than nine riders lined up for the Medium Plus Steady Route 133 to Brimham, Risplith, Galphay and Ripon today so two groups were formed. 

Group 1 comprised Andy, Debbie, Doug, Helen, John, Tim2 and Yvonne. We made our way through town eventually zig zagging across the A61 at Knox and emerging into peaceful countryside where we encountered flooded roads at Lund Lane and Hampsthwaite Bridge, all negotiated safely. There was a plan to meet up with Group 2 at G & Ts for refreshments but we were averaging 12 mph and arrived far too early for lunch so voted with our pedals to continue on to Tate’s which although 24 miles into the ride did mean all the hard climbs would be done. Judging by the café orders there was a definite feeling that we’d earned our lunch and some time to enjoy a bout of diverse and well informed Wheel easy chat. This was Debbie’s last ride before returning to Cape Town for the summer, so we wished her well and look forward to seeing her for our summer! Returning through Littlethorpe we paused at the “House of Horrors” – we were all very brave posing for our photos but I don’t think anyone is intending returning after dark. A proper ride in good company with 46 miles and 3096 ft of climbing for me, Tim 2.

Group 2 included Gia, Kevin, Helen T, Monica, Mark, Paul T and James who writes: “It was a great route and not a bad day weather wise so we all enjoyed it except Kevin who had a puncture. Fortunately we made it to G&T’s before his rear tyre went flat. When we arrived he said it was a bit soft and by the time we had finished coffee etc. it was like a pancake! The rear wheel is very difficult to get off to change the tube, but thanks to “Search & Rescue” courtesy of Paul’s wife Andrea I think he was able to get himself and the bike home without having to change it.”


 Medium Plus – Brisk

Ten in the Medium Plus Brisk ride today splitting into two groups of five with the 2nd group consisting of 5 young & evergreen riders keen to take on Route 170 & get to Askham Richard for some tea & cake. Thereafter we cruised back towards Wighill – Richard Leake had just moved to tubeless tyres so the chances of a puncture were very low ……… but the sound of the “explosion” was heard by all the group. The gash in the side wall was easy to identify from the leaking sealant, in went a repair “worm” and the task of pumping began but it was not to be. Off came the tyre, in with an inner tube & Richard coaxed the tyre back on with his bare hands. Marvellous. And an incident free return leg ensued on drying roads & ever warmer temperatures. 41 miles. Young Tim.