Short Ride

Eight takers for the short ride on this warm, sunny day. No rain forecast in the morning, maybe some in the afternoon. Newcomer Chris joined us on her non-electric bike, and Kevin was the other non-electric bike for our jolly to Kettlesing. Dennis, Paul B, Margaret and Bob were the rest of the crew. Out along the Greenway and then Hollybank Woods, where we met Geordie Alan and Phil Stell coming up from Hampsthwaite. They confirmed that the bridge was open for bikes, and Alan turned round and came with us down to Hampsthwaite. On to Kettlesing and up to Crow Tree Lane, where we came across an i-phone in the road. It was a bit the worse for wear, but still switched on and Kevin cleverly guessed the possible owner from a list on the phone, and rang the number. A man answered and was very happy to hear that the phone had been found. We told him we would be at Sophie’s in 20 minutes, and he duly turned up to collect his wife’s phone. Apparently, she had left it and a bag on top of her car and had driven off… Coffee and erudite discussion at Sophie’s, and then back to Harrogate up Hollins Lane and Knox. About 20 miles Joe

Medium Steady Ride

Wow! What a great ride it was today. Good company, an excellent route with stunning views  and perfect weather.  I  joined the group of eight at Ripley and noticed straight away seven of the group were on a variety of e-bikes so I was pleased I’d come on mine. I was interested in Liz and Alison’s new impressive bikes. The only member not on an e-bike was Yvonne but as you can imagine we still had difficulty keeping up with her. The route took us through Holly Bank, Birstwith, Toll Bridge, Stripe Lane, Brimham, Fellbeck, over the moor and down Wath Lane into Pateley.  Going over the moors we saw a variety of birds. A very noisy large, black and white bird with a very long orange beak, red eyes and pink legs came very close and stayed with us for a short distance. We stopped at Wildings for Coffee and refreshments and although busy, the service was exceptionally quick. The conversation was informative and Kevin updated us about Glastonbury. – Lauren Laverne is from Sunderland, Jo Whiley is 57, Chrissie Hynde is 71  and we must listen to the band Gabriels named after one of the members who grew up on St Gabriel’s Ave in Sunderland. We also guessed who might be the four surprise artists to join Elton John on stage tonight. 

The return route was through Glasshouses, Summerbridge, Dacre, Dairy Lane and Crayke Lane into Darley, and Birstwith where we split up to make our way home. Thanks everyone for a great day! Paul T



Medium Brisk Ride – Route 32

 Three of us (John, Matthew and myself) set off on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year. At one point my Garmin gave a temperature of 32 C. For some reason I became the unofficial ride leader. We headed out to Burn Bridge then Wetherby past the cafe I planned to stop at on the way back. Went through Walton, Tockwith, Cattal, Walshford, North Deighton, Kirk Deighton and back to Wetherby for coffee/lunch. At one point Matthew had to correct me on my navigation as I missed the cycle path. Matthew had to be back for 1 pm so after about 1.5 hours we parted company and he powered ahead. I’m still not convinced that his bike isn’t electric as he flys up the hills as well as on the flat! We arrived back in Wetherby and stopped at the North Street Deli for lunch. We arrived just before a large contingent of other Wheel Easy riders arrived. I’m not sure which group this was as I forgot to ask. If they were the medium steady group either I wasn’t brisk enough or they were steady+ or a combination of the two.

Headed back to Spofforth on the cycle path which was a little rough in places. At Follifoot John suggested we us the underpass at the A658 (something I have never done on any of my previous rides and I can now see why). It all started well with a good path. After we exited the tunnel we were met with a hill of mud and water which was impossible to cycle up. We both dismounted and pushed our bikes up the hill. Whilst I was slipping in the mud John shot to the top of the hill without any issue. Re-joined the route and proceeded to the show ground. Unfortunately, Matthew missed the group photo – I will get you next time. 36.67 Miles in 2 hours 56 minutes with an average speed of 12.5 mph, . Gordon T

 Medium Plus – Steady Ride

 A select group of four gathered for the medium plus ride with thoughts of Greenhow Hill in the distance and also the possibility of an afternoon thunderstorm at the back of our minds. However, conditions were perfect, warm and sunny, as we set off in a south-westerly direction down into Wharfedale. Jan, continuing her tour of the north (Matlock CC next), once again was our guest, joining regulars Helen, John and Doug. As we passed through Otley and skirted Ilkley and up Lowfield Lane it seemed that most of North Yorkshire were out on their bikes enjoying the day. We soon arrived at the Abbey Tea Rooms at Bolton Bridge, also crowded with cyclists, including the brisk contingent who were just leaving; conveniently so as we managed to nab their table. Despite being so busy the usual excellent, cheery service was provided. Setting off again, the hills began to pick up as the route took us to Embsay before returning to Wharfedale via a steep climb and equally steep descent. This was just a warm up before the main climb of the day from Barden Bridge to Greenhow. By this point the wind had picked up to give us a bit of assistance but nonetheless, ice cream (two scoops) was felt well deserved at Stumps Cross. From there it was mostly downhill but turning onto Duck Lane the strengthening wind became a cross-wind so concentration had to be maintained. I departed from the company at Menwith Hill to try to negotiate the road works whilst the other three return to Harrogate, recording a total of 58.5 miles and 4900 ft of climbing. Thanks to all for another excellent day out and trust everyone got home dry. Doug H.

Medium Plus – Brisk Ride

What a scorcher of a day. It was warm at 9:30 a.m. & on the way out the temperature built during the day along the rather lumpy ride to Ilkley & Beamsley but at least there were periods of shade. At Bolton Abbey, the eight riders left a couple of tables free at The Abbey Tea Rooms just as Doug & the next Wheel Easy group arrived – synchronicity that. It was stonkingly hot now –  four level-headed riders (Zoë, Helen, Denis the Younger & Andy) took account of the heat & went directly up the Wharfe valley; Ian, T1, T3 & T4 turned left up to Embsay. It was a hard climb up but the views were great and it was thankfully cooler there and on the drop down. Thereafter, we climbed back up via Skyreholme to Greenhow & Duck Street Lane where the wind started to blow. Some drops of rain around Fewston Cemetery but that was it ……. except for the sweat dripping off the riders. 59 hard miles and around 4,700 ft of climb. Tall Tim.