Short Ride

The aroma of coffee helped us on our way to Morrisons, wood smoke on Forest Moor Lane, then daffodils and snowdrops on Abbey Road all boded well for a good ride.
We met the tail end of Caroline’s group who were heading towards Boroughbridge along with many of the WE rides today.
Flood water at Copgrove made us do a small diversion and news of more flooding at Bishop Monkton suggested that we cycle straight through to Burton Leonard and up the A 61 to the garden centre.
After two of the group nonchalantly “chained” their bikes to the £3,500 deer we sat in the comfort of the showroom chairs.
We were treated to sunshine and a mild morning out meeting Malcolm the Ranger with his secateurs and mini saw who was tidying up the Greenway and the Starbeck path.
27 mile ride, good to be out and thanks to James, Kevin, Paul and Paul who joined me. Gia

Medium Plus Steady

Three of us followed Tim S on this route (Mark, Alistair and Gordon T).  I liked the way that we started off following the ‘official’ route rather than cutting across the Stray.

We set off quickly to avoid the hoards at Boroughbridge cafes as all rides seemed to be going that way. However, we were overtaken by a group at the Odeon roundabout – so much for the quick getaway.

Tim took us on a tour of the Yorkshire Lakes, going where no one should go and ignoring ROAD CLOSED signs.  We went through many lakes.  At one point a car spayed Alistair and me with lake water.  Luckily, I could see what was coming and shielded behind Alistair – only joking.  We both got wet. Mark was saying his feet were wet and cold – I wonder why. I recommend waterproof socks and overshoes.

Coffee was at the Court Yard Café.   Luckily there was space inside, but it was impossible to read the menu as our glasses steamed up for some time. I was taking a selfie when 3 happy people photobombed my shot.  I can see why I don’t take any selfies!

On the way back to Harrogate the sun came out making a nice end to the day. Thanks to everyone for a great ride with a lot of humour. 41.8 Miles with an average speed of 12.09 mph. Gordon T

Medium Brisk Ride

It had rained all night long and was still raining when we set off but such was our faith in forecasts, that 5 of us (Sarah D. Clive, Tim2, Navah & Yvonne D.) opted to engage a brisk pace to Boroughbridge through Farnham and on to Marton cum Grafton… « And so the Hundred Acre Wood got floodier and floodier » and spilt across the roads into Aldborough but we applied the brakes for a jolly nice pause-café at Hideaway, with its lit stoves, in Boroughbridge.  And again taking turns to lead back to Harrogate by Minskip and Knaresborough – nice company for a nice trip out if a tad floody. 30 miles, 1,458 ft. Yvonne D.

Medium Steady

A damp start to our ride, 5 taker’s Helen, Fiona, Liz P, Mike W. & Mike W. cycled about 220 metres, Sally asked to join us so that made 6. Helen noticed Sally had no helmet on so she did a detour home then met us at Farnham turn off. Making our way to Boroughbridge we encountered flooded roads in a few places. I led from the rear, Mike W said he would take the front. Parting the water so we got through safe & dry! Onto Hideaway Cafe at Boroughbridge for coffee, tea and eats. Good service and good food. Left cafe for Harrogate, weather very good, even the sun shine through. Ride onto Knaresborough where Liz P discovered she’d got a flat front tyre. Between us we fixed the puncture with a new tube. Good job done. Then everyone took their own ways home. An interesting ride with good company. Thanks to all for your input. Mike Wills