Short Awaydays

After two initial short awaydays in 2021, the 2022 Calendar now includes 8 short awaydays, monthly between March and October. These rides will be held on Sundays in order to appeal to as many riders as possible. In recent years, the programme of club awaydays, generally of medium length and pace, has been very well supported. The rides have usually started from locations around an hour from Harrogate and they have greatly increased the variety of rides on offer. For those who generally participate in short rides, there is unavoidable repetition and hence less variety, so the widening of the areas to be visited by short awayday rides should create much new variety and interest.

If you want to join the short awaydays rides the dates are below and details of the routes will appear on the Calendar as usual. You can register for the ride using the form below. Rides are on a first come first saved basis and will be limited to a group of 9 riders, including a leader. If there are more than this then we will try and find a  second leader for a second group. If this is not possible we will start a waiting list. Those that have a place will be sent details of the location and meeting details. Obviously, you will need to arrange transport for you and your bike to the start. if this is difficult contact the the ride leader in case they may be able to assist.

If you do get a place and cannot make it, please let us know so we can reallocate. by email to

Dates for 2022

Sun 13 Mar 22
Sun 24 Apr 22
Sun 22 May 22 Cancelled – no leader volunteer
Sun 26 Jun 22
Sun 24 Jul 22
Sun 21 Aug 22
Sun 25 Sep 22
Sun 23 Oct 22

Short Awayday Registration Form