Route 267

Boroughbridge, Ripon, Fellbeck, Brimham (54 miles)

St Aidans, Granby, Claro Rd, Greenway, Ripley, Scarah Bank, R at Drovers X-rds, Markington, L to Ingerthorpe, Bishop Monkton, Roecliffe, Boroughbridge (cafe), Langthorpe, SKelton, L at Bridge Hewick over river into Ripon, straight through to B6265, L to Studley Roger, deer park, R to B6265, L/R/L to Low Grantley, L to Grantley, R to Skelding, L at Dallowgill Moor to Devil’s Elbow, L to Felbeck, L on B6265, R to Brimham Rocks, L to Burnt Yates, L/R to Clint, L at Clint to Hampsthwaite, L on Hillins Ln/Lund Ln, L/R on Grainbeck Ln, R/L at A61 to Knox, Bilton