It’s nice & sunny – out with the shorts, off come the long sleeves & out into the dales wearing next to nothing compared with only a few weeks ago. What a wonderful part of the world we live in where there are fabulous views around every corner and at the top of every hill (even if it may take a bit of recovery time at the top).

At the same time the sun comes with some danger especially when you are out for hours at a time – there may still be a cool undertone to the weather especially when taking the wind chill effect into account but this doesn’t affect the power of the sun’s rays on your skin. The B.D.A. (British Association of Dermatologists) reported that 40% of people got sunburnt during 2022.

Luckily the British Skin Foundation has some tidy tips.

And we wouldn’t normally promote a single product on the website but this site has some sound guidance for all cyclists – 10 points regarding advice & protection. The product itself is used by the Great Britain cycling team but there are lots of other to choose from. If you are a member of British Cycling you can get a 20% discount.

Add to that some clothing is now sold with an ultra-violet protection (U.V.P.) rating, a cap can keep the sun off your face plus there are specific U.V.P. arm sleeves.

Be safe – protect your skin.