Following the membership consultation last year we agreed to look at a new club image and club kit. After some consideration we have chosen to work with Santini. They are a well known, world class cycling brand and also supply Chevin Cycles with their branded kit, as well as numerous other UK clubs. If we can make this work it has the significant advantage through our partnership with Chevin Cycles that members could go to Chevin Cycles and try on example garments to get the correct size, and Chevin have kindly agreed to take delivery for members to collect what they order. The idea is to establish a “club shop” model where kit can be ordered during specific time windows and produced / delivered in a batch. The interval and price would be subject to demand, but we hope that it would be both better quality and cheaper that the existing kit, especially for the initial order.

It is clear from both the consultation, and what people wear on most club rides, that the current kit is no longer that popular, so we are considering not just completely different designs, but also some different colour options as well. To that end, we have been working with Santini’s professional design service to produce some example options and we would now like your input. We asked for modern, contemporary designs and we now have three contenders in three colours based on what they came back with. It is inevitable that any given design will be popular with some and not with others, and it is likely impossible to please everyone, but we do hope to find a design that the majority would actually buy and wear a new design. If we don’t then we will think again.

We do intend to produce a new logo as well, but to do that we want to agree the design and colour concept first, so in the examples below there is a placeholder showing where a logo might go. The designs are indicative; they probably won’t be exactly as shown as we expect there will need to be tweaks like the logo and so on, but for now we would like to know your favourite design option and colour option. There is also scope for you to add comments, but please note that a large number of conflicting opinions on small details will not be that helpful and would result in “design by committee” which we agreed to avoid, so it will only be similar comments made by several people that we can work with.

The plan is to have the following 7 garment options:

  • Short sleeved jersey – men’s fit or women’s fit
  • Long sleeved jersey – men’s fit or women’s fit
  • Jacket – men’s fit or women’s fit
  • Lightweight gilet – Unisex

Thanks to those who voted. The vote has now closed. More info to follow shortly.

Design A – Fade

A1 – Blue

A2 – Orange

A3 – Red

Design B – Wavy

B1 – Blue

B2 Orange

B3 – Red

Design C – Scratches

C1 – Blue

C2 – Orange

C3 – Red