Going out and about on a bicycle in these sorts of temperatures raises the usual questions of how to keep warm during a ride …….. sometimes all it takes is a “nice” uphill section but that doesn’t always work if the temperature is that low or there is a real chill in the wind.

Common solutions are to add more layers so that warm air is trapped & acts as a very good insulator. Make sure you close all those gaps that lead to drafts getting in where you don’t want them. Use of layers is especially useful if you have somewhere to store them if you “de-layer” during a ride. A windproof top layer is recommended by many.

Make sure you are warm & toasty when you leave the house – prepare the bike first with lights etcetera whilst leaving shoes & gloves on the radiator to warm through before you put them on.

Arm warmers can make a significant difference in keeping the blood warm as it heads down to your fingers. Have a look at your cycling shoes – tape over any vents & then wear overshoes to keep out the cold air & any water.

Once you are warm, a good option is to take it relatively easy so you don’t create a layer of sweat that may make you cold as it wicks away. Maintain the pace at a level that keeps you producing enough heat; enjoy the ride & the Yorkshire scenery at this time of year.

Do remember to keep eating & drinking – your body still needs to be fed & watered in order to work efficiently.

Cycling U.K. has an article that may also be of interest.

And remember, there is always the good old fashioned “newspaper down the jersey” option. It really does work.