Welcome to Part Two where you can read about the club’s rules and advice, and be able to look at Bartholomew’s Tourist and Cycling Map of our area which was probably used at the same time as the Handbook. You can read Part One here.

A little while ago Tim Rhodes produced his father-in-law’s 1939 Armley Social Cycling Club’s Handbook that also had a map stored with it. Because it is the sort of thing that many find very interesting, the club has put together two news items about both the Handbook and the map

The Armley Social Cycling Club Members Handbook for 1939 provides an interesting insight as to how much cycling has changed in the last 80 plus years ……………… and quite how much being part of a cycling club is still very much the same.

Getting Around

Want to go cycling & follow a route? Easy – go the Wheel Easy web site, select one of the many, many routes; download to your bike computer and away you go. It was slightly different in 1939 (and in fact up until not many years ago).

This map has been stored with the handbook but there does not seem to be a date on this map so it is not possible to confirm that this was used at the same time although it seems likely.

Printed on to cloth, so many of the roads are still exactly the same roads that we cycle today (although they were probably in better condition in 1939). If, like us, you enjoy maps then this is an item of great attraction. It is also interesting to note how many railway lines there are snaking in and out of Harrogate.

There is no sign of the reservoir at Thruscross that was completed in 1966 (left hand map) but a clue as to the rough date of the map might be seen in that there is also has no sign of Scar House reservoir (right hand map) that was completed in 1936. Grimwith reservoir (originally built in the 19th century) is clearly there.

If you’d like to see a high-res version of the map containing even more more detail we have discovered that the National Library of Scotland has digital copies of Bartholomew’s maps where you can scroll around and zoom in and out.

Simply follow this link: National Library of Scotland Sheet 6 – Harrogate Publication date: 1919-24

Club Rules

The handbook kindly sets out a number of valuable hints and rules that are still valid today in the 21st century. In particular we would like to draw your attention to the hints for runs where cyclists are advised: “Don’t forget a broken neck is not conducive to cycling…” and in the hints for members: “Please refrain from any disorderly conduct at tea places etc” – just saying!

Useful Advice

Thereafter the club offers some wonderful and entertaining advice to it’s members.

“Support your committee”

“Always be on time”

“Don’t let speed be your master”

“Refrain from littering”

And finally some useful “Rules of the Road” to follow.

Twas ever thus
Be a live member of the club…and pay your subs!

We hope you enjoyed reading some of the 1939 Club Handbook and exploring the map as much as we have.

Very special thanks to Tim Rhodes for the loan of the club handbook and map.