It was a privilege to present Dennis with a celebration card on the occasion of his 90th birthday. Thank you Paul Blackham for a great card and everyone who was able to sign it.
It is hard to remember that Dennis joined Wheel Easy at the tender age of 74. He loved Wheel Easy from the minute he turned up and joined every ride and event that he could. He rode Wetherby to Filey and the Acorn rides, he led rides, encouraged others and regularly litter picked every week on the Greenway. He was a star Sustrans volunteer and was rewarded  with a special volunteer certificate by Sustrans.
Now many of us have succumbed to electric bikes much younger than when he started at Wheel Easy and only this year has he had his Hewitt converted. He still powers up those hills and has been able to join a greater variety of rides.
Thank you Dennis for being such a great companion and a truly wonderful Wheel Easy member and a great inspiration to us all.