You might not be aware, but club Sunday rides have been numbered from the formation of the club back in 2006 and this Sunday we reach the milestone of Ride Number 800! The first ride report makes for interesting reading.

From Malcolm and Gia:
“On May 7th 2006 Harrogate Wheel Easy made its way into history as the first leisure cycling club in the area. Now as we prepare to ride and report on our 800th Sunday ride much has happened along the way. Many of those early riders of the first few weeks are still riding and enjoying an activity that has brought us all so much. Friendship, adventures, discovering new places, especially our local area, learning about bikes, lycra, buying more bikes, and visiting and revisiting all our favourite cafes for miles around.

The programme of twice weekly rides and some alternate venues and days is a huge testament to the enthusiasm and interest generated by all members. Each year Wheel Easy welcomes new members who quickly make new friends and either discover or rediscover the magic of cycling. Those who leave and move to new areas rarely find a club like ours.
We are so grateful for all those who have contributed to making this club one of which we are all enormously proud.”