In the membership consultation last year a number of people indicated interest in Audax. In response, a small band of Wheel Easy Audax riders have put together this to help those interested with next steps to trying an Audax ride.

The fundamental principle of recreational cycling is to ride a bike and eat cake, which is something that most Wheel Easy members subscribe to. The fundamental principle of Audax riding is not that different: ride a bike a bit further and eat more cake. It’s quite simple really; it just means more cycling, more cafés (and cake!), more scenery and a bigger day out.

Most Audax rides are at least 200 km (generally the minimum distance), increasing to considerably longer, especially for the classic events. Audax rides are not races. A maximum time is set for organised rides, based on the distance, but finishing times are never given. Some riders may thrash themselves around a 200 km Audax in seven hours and earn a total of two Audax points while other riders may take a more leisurely 10 or more hours with two relaxing café stops and earn … two points.

Starting in Spring 2022, a 200 km ‘social’ Audax ride will set off from outside the Empress pub one Saturday of every month, leaving at 07:30. Routes will be flattish and riders will be encouraged to ride as a group and to enjoy the day. The exact route will be decided a couple of days before each ride to enable the wind and weather forecast to be factored in. The route will be published to view in advance and a GPX Route will be available to download.

Update: – The first 3 ride dates are:-

1. Saturday 23rd April – 07.30am
2. Saturday 14th May – 07.30am
3. Saturday 11th June – 07.30am

Riders should carry at least two spare tubes, pump, tools and, preferably, a spare, used tyre. Make sure you have sufficient warm clothing and a rain jacket. Always carry lights and mudguards are a courtesy in rainy weather.

If this sounds like something you want to try then club member Alan Rawet has kindly volunteered to be our Audax coordinator and will answer any questions you may have. Drop him an email via to let him know and he will include you in the relevant messages.