EG’s Ride Report

Seven good men and true rocked up at Low Bridge on a stunning morning. A quiet calculation revealed the average age to be in the region of 79 years 4 months. I cannot imagine there are many groups can beat that!!

Routes were decided and decisions made and off we went, surviving the roadworks on Abbey Road. How things change when you miss a week or two; there’s houses everywhere.

The main group headed for an early break at Rabbit Hill where tea and toast were taken following which Bob turned back for home. The rest of us enjoyed a pleasant ride up to Balk near Thirsk, where we enjoyed the hospitality of the cafe on the park homes site.

A surprise 10 percenter soon woke us up after the lunch break and we returned via Kilburn and Sessay to arrive back at a civilised 4.00pm.

Thanks to Bob, Daves P1 and P2, Dave W, Dennis, and Geoff.

Dave S.