Wednesday Ride

James was apparently sunning himself in the snowfields of Courchevel and so it was left to the rest of us to make our own way on the Wednesday ride.

We decided on a very civilised route and so headed down to Knaresborough where we all regrouped at Low Bridge. There were about 12 of us but that number varied at different times. It was good to see Steve and Kate Price flying along on their tandem and Monica brought along her friend Imogen who is visiting.  Appropriately for a visit to Harrogate Imogen had decided to ride her rather lovely new Spa Cycles bike.

The route was Knaresborough and Farnham, where we found Paul by the roadside and rather than leaving him as Billy No Mates we brought him along with the group.  Then it was on to Ripon passing the racecourse and turning right towards Skelton-on-Ure, then a quick sprint towards Boroughbridge for a cafe stop at Bean Vintage.

Fully loaded with carbs we set off to Aldborough climbing up through the village Street and then dropping down to join the minor back road leading to Marton-cum-Grafton,  the views of the North York Moors we’re outstanding.

Then we headed back towards Harrogate passing through Arkendale and Farnham. It was just a climb up past the golf club to head for home after 36 miles of lovely cycling on a springlike day and good company.  Martin W.

Wednesday Wanderers

Eleven Wanderers set off from Showground, formed 2 x groups. On the way we picked up another rider, David, waiting at Leadhall Lane. Carried on up to A61, traffic queuing towards Harrogate onto Walton Head road, lots of cars coming across taking short cuts. Stopped at Kirkby Overblow and picked up another rider, Paul. We then rode onto Wetherby, Old Station car park, discussion over which cafe – voted for Tancred Farm Shop. Onto Hunsingore, picked up another rider, Steve W. Rode onto Whixley, across A59 – no traffic either way. Great! Onwards to Tancred Farm, cutting hedges, thorns all over road, enjoyed food and coffee, but Margaret had a flat tyre – soon mended! Paul left to return home. At Ouseburn photo session, near Church. On our way home, we saw lots of crocuses and snowdrops in the Spring (like!) sunshine. 4 x jets flying low – quite spectacular to see. (Chasing off the Russians I wonder??) Very enjoyable ride, plenty of laughs and banter. Thanks to everyone for your input and thanks to Colin for sweeping at the rear. 44 miles, 709.0 metres. Mike W.


Wednesday Wanderers – Team Orange

Team Orange first out of the trap for the Wanderers’ Route 92 but fell at the first fence as Colette’s rear tyre exploded on Hookstone Road !  We found a sunny wall to lean the bikes against and Tim2 kindly fixed the puncture, though the new tube had a problematic valve, though the tyre stayed inflated.  An hour behind the others, we kept up a good steady pace through Kirkby Blownover and into Weatherby; it was definitely a tad breezy through the Deightons, Walshford & Whixley, the Dunsforths and thoughts of a cup of Yorkshire tea  / Americano essay were drawing us on against the wind into Bean at Boroughbridge and a well-merited lunch after 32 miles.  And then we saw the rest of the Wanderers ride into town – they must have stopped for an earlier brunch.  Off we set again to Copgrove via the bridleway and rode into Farnham, Scriven and a last gallop up Knaresborough Hill; we enjoyed fabulous cloudscapes in blue skies, lots of snowdrops on the verges and jolly nice company.  Approx 46 miles and just over 2,000ft. Yvonne D.

Short Ride

Five short group members enjoyed a sunny ride from the showground to take in Ripley, Nidd, Scotton, Farnham and back to Knaresborough via a rather muddy but quiet Water Lane. Coffee stop was at the ever hospitable Watermill Café at the Lido, where we sat outside and were treated to the incredulous spectacle of a young man stripping off to his trunks and then swimming in the Nidd! Apparently, according the the café lady, there are up to 15 swimmers every morning these days! Perhaps a new (spectator) sport? 23 miles with good company, as usual. Sarah Everson Maurer.